Friday, 25 September 2009

... Annemie ...

It is now approaching the third month since we lost our wonderful, brilliant, lovely, fantastic Annemarie to her terrible disease

Much has happened including the ceremony and celebration I wrote about last month, the two best being that Elaine has come into SL and visited the family on a few occasions, and that Emma has managed to escape her RL a couple of times to visit Eefje/Eva/evie

This week I received one of those surprise group notices, which I am reproducing here:

Group Notice From: Zena

I got email from Neale Donald Walsh today. He often writes at the end of his email: "You know exactly why you received this message today." And yes, I know why I received it. I've put it in a notecard. Maybe it's meant for you too.


This notice has an attachment.

Thank you Zena, I too know why I received the attachment which I reproduce below for all of us to read and absorb:

Morning comes every day.
The sunrise does not fail, nor the sunset.
Give it time. That is all that may be required. Just give it time.
Do not try to push the river.
The cycles of life present themselves, play themselves out,
and make smooth every passage and terrain.
Try not to get caught up in your story of the moment.
Look, rather, to the Long Story. Therein will be found your peace.
The cycles will redeem this moment, if you let them, and even this shall pass.

22th of September, Neale Donald Walsh

Annemie always wanted us to go on after she had left us.
She wanted us to continue to enjoy life with all of the energy and enthusiasm that she had.

I hope that all my blog entries of the past month are not seen as being self-centred nor self-serving.
They are meant to cheer all of us up and inspire us all to embrace life again.
And especially those who are unable to visit SL frequently they are meant to be a way for us all to stay in touch and remain close.

One night as we danced I explained to Annemarie why I had named my Ozland island "Sunrise, Sunset".

I recited to her this piece of poetry that is recited by Australians and other peoples in memory of the young who were lost in the World Wars ...

“They shall grow not old as we that are left grow old:
Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.
At the going down of the sun and in the morning
We will remember them.”

So age shall not weary our Annemarie,
although the disease did debilitate her,
we shall grow old,
cherishing our memories of her enthusiasms
for life, dance, music, and love.

As always, in love, to all of you, Olivia.

... evie ...

Normally evie and I just and talk about all sorts of things
(for example today it was about what an internet backwater I am in at the moment)

But then out of the blue I got this *flash* from one of my favourite places ...


... and so I said "let's go"

At first I was confused (I should read the BIG print more carefully)
I went to the ballroom and we started dancing waiting for the start of the award ceremony

But then an announcement was made asking us to be seated
So we sat down at a table surrounded by .... hardly any one

At least evie was more awake than I was and she pointed out
that the crowd was next door in the opera house,
and so we squeezed into the front row at the last minute
just before they started the ceremony

someone forgot her formal attire !

And we sat and waited ... in silence ... until I realised they
were not using voice and that the award ceremony was happening
in the chat log

After she was presented her award ...

... well, yes, I agree part of it does look like a bit like a um er gold buzzing thingy

... we got down to the serious business of listening to her lovely voice ...

... in between crashes and reappearances (the sim was full to overflowing) and other people having similar problems and ending up on top of poor evie ...

... we listened to lovely golden oldies ...

catching a falling star ... or was it a moonbeam ?

... and said my good nights to my lovely evie ('cause she was tired) and I stayed to the end of the performance

Now I just need to catch someone *smiles* so I came make a ... danielle ... entry about us

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

... roberta ...

Earlier in the week we celebrated roberta's 2nd rez day
with cake and champagne
*weighs herself*

Today I gave her a special birthday treat

We went shopping

I bought myself some sunglasses (and some handbags)

And I bought ro'tje some shoes

And some lingerie

And she was very grateful (I love the subby leg lift)

Very grateful ...

I forgot to mention she also got some fingernails with a heart shape ... not that you can quite see them here *grins*

And then I took my princessje to the new Strapped
And chained her to a post in the common area
And she danced for me
While I whipped her with the princess strapper
Which shread and tore the lingerie off her


*grins even more*

And my naughty princess loved every moment

And she was so popular that DJ, the owner, gave her another rezday present ... a pick from DJ's store of an outfit

Well you can guess what sort the naughty ro'tje picked !

So we just had to go back and show her off to DJ *grins*

Happy 2nd Rez Day Ro-Ro

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

... ellie ...

our poor ellie has had a rough summer
her PC failed, took weeks to get repaired, was returned, and failed again
so she was sharing PC time with her sister
and even turning up as a gnome (as in the gnome viewer) a terrible humiliating thing for a fae-elf

but this past week we have had some lovely interludes including time with evie either before she goes to bed, or even more rarely when she wakes up

I took ellie dancing in Ozland after roberta's rez day celebrations ... and realised I was guilt of drinking champagne whilst on duty :)
Still Arwin was kind when she logged on (welcome backkkkkkk Arwin !!!) and did not arrest me for being intoxicated whilst on duty

None the less ellie still crashes on occasions, and this is what I looked like after she left me in the lurch


Here we are giving ellie lots of hugs ...


Now ellie is a free spirit, truly a fae-girl, and so she flutters in and out of our lives ... but always leaves evie and I smiling at her loveliness ...

But today our dear little dove flew too close to danger - she decided to experiment a little and maybe singed her feathers a little; so when she returned from her mis-adventure Eva and I gave her some gentle tender love and care ...

So after calming ellie down and settling her we had a lovely chat downstairs while we tried to get Eva to go to bed !

After which I took ellie shopping and we bought one outfit and debated (*grins*) the merits of several others ...

(girl needs to remember to put her panties on)

I also gave her the treat of seeing me and hugging me dressed the way I used to look when ellie and I first met some 15 months ago

Hmmm ... maybe I should try blonde again ? I had better consult my wardrobe mistress first !

Anyway, I came back afterwards to find ellie had changed but fallen asleep :-)


Still it was nice to see her bow her head to her Princess

And later (as in a or two day later!) we managed to dance at Glint in our new outfits

ellie is quite the ballerina :-)

[ it is because of the rules of the People's Republic of Glint that I had to shed my shoes, stockings, undies and bra !!! ]

Monday, 21 September 2009

family fun ... roberta's rez day

some nice family fun times ... the first 2 pictures are from last week ... I had gone to ellie's favourite dance spot to spend time with her, a place she and I used to enjoy many moons ago when we were 'nilla friends

when I relogged I TPed danielle and evie to join me in their bikini's ...

danielle's bikini was a tour d'force in haute couture ... I have no idea how it managed to stay in one piece (or do I mean two pieces?)

And today (although I may be confused by dates across time zones) it was roberta's rez day
She is two SL years old

So we had a small celebration of cake and champagne before she went to sleep

Here we are letting the cake settle
(if you were unkind, you might say we were sitting down because we were tipsy with the champagne)

ellie was looking particularly pretty in this outfit ...

and evie tried to get herself arrested again ...


Sunday, 20 September 2009

... Deputy Sheriff ...

With Arwin going away for a couple of RL days (we hope no more than this!), she asked me to patrol Ozland in her absence ...

So here I am reporting for duty after my own weekend "off duty" (I may post an RL picture later !)

And now I realise last week's prisoner, (someone I found wandering around the public places of Ozland in the nude - a direct violation of the Ozland residents' covenant), has escaped !!!

How did she wriggle out of these shackles ?

Luckily this infamous criminal turned up before I had to call for bloodhounds.

But then !
To my shock !!
To my horror !!!

This desperate criminal assault a police officer !
Me !!
Deputy Sheriff Olivia von Paderborn !!!

Here she is attacking my breasts :-)
And in semi-public too :-))
That girl has no shame :-)))

I even had to call for the deputy-deputy-sheriff to restrain the wanton brazen hussy ;-)

I will hand her back to emma, her partner, and insist they stay locked up together in their bedroom for the entire month of October !