Thursday, 30 December 2010

New Year's Eve

Today I managed to have a real chat with my love, not just emails that pass like ships in the night, which was a lovely end to 2010 and which creates great hope in my heart for 2011.

So I was a little late in arriving in SL, and only managed to find evie.

I christened her "Happy New Year's Eva" :)

And then painted a picture of her:

Not bad for an amateur ...

... sitter :D

Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Playing Catch-up

well not actually "playing" but achieving :-)

FINALLY managed to spend some time with evie.

Took three goes to achieve (my "bad", RL was intruding into my "me-time", sorry I mean our "us-time).

So first encounter was back where we lasted *poofed* together:

Second encounter was beneath the moon and stars of Yangpa:

We were joined by roberta but I *poofed* and by the time I returned she had gone to bed.

So the third encounter was with evie alone, and was longer and quite lovely:

After which I tried out a new outfit and visited The Cellar:

But the hair did not quite go, so later when ellie joined me I made a slight adjustment and we went off to buy her a Chrissie present for her little cottage:

Also had IMs with a good friend from whom I had not heard in a long time :)

After which I finally *poofed* after my biggest day in SL since I don't know when!

Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Presents and Conversations

Today was a little strange - evie was absent from CET 7:00pm until 1:30am by which time she was half-asleep.

However I had a nice time earlier with roberta, we went shopping in the outfit that joanna had picked yesterday:

I spotted just the thing for roberta, and so we bought it, and she changed there and then:

Love those nips !! So I bought a copy for myself and we went dancing:

The dress allowed us to show off roberta's assets to the entire dance floor :))


Later I came back to SL looking for evie, but still to no avail.

However I sat quietly in a beautiful corner and quietly IMed with someone :) and had an email conversation with someone else :)) which was as lovely as shopping and dancing ... you know who you are and that I love you dearly ♡♥♡

Still later, much later as I have already indicated, I saw evie log in so I came back to SL, and went to a lovely spot to give her a kiss:

Before she *poofed* out of my arms and went off to zleeeeeeeeeeeeep:

Good night everyone ... from the sunny semi-tropics ☺

Monday, 27 December 2010

Catching up and being enlightening

Today, yesternight for you dear readers, I caught up with evie; frankly I had become worried that I had not seen trace of her on the Santa-Claus-Radar that NASA had gratefully returned to me, but she reminded me gently that she HAD sent an IM:

[17:15] Eefje Afarensis: kissss
[17:15] Eefje Afarensis: its very late for me

And so she had :)

Yesternight was a very important day for us ... it marks the second anniversary of our meetings in which we exchanged notecards ... little knowing where that simple act would lead both of us over the next six months

So we had one of our big long rambling talks while I held her close and tight.

And then just as we were saying good night, joanna logged in, and for once was able to join us:

And was suitably greeted by her Mistress :)

Then we all had a brief round of kisses and hugs :)

And after we had sent evie off to bed, joanna and I had a talk.

First she helped me choose the next day's outfit. I can't wait to see ellie's expression when I catch (up with) her :)

Then we played for a bit, which led to me explaining to her that my pleasures come from being in Dommespace ... and I left her with this reference as homework :)


There is one sentence in that article that rings true for me: " It's a mental adrenaline rush. Many describe it as a very heady feeling that often hits when the submissive blatantly shows their submission. "

Sunday, 26 December 2010

A Mistress' revenge and reward

My darling roberta is a lovely submissive :)

I call her my princess, because the collar she chose for herself was Amethyst's "Barbarian Princess" :))
And because I have had to work hard to tame her naughtiness ...
And the harder I try :) the worse she gets :))

A special "treat" for her is when I let her celebrate "subs' day", which I did recently :) I gave her a whole 10 minutes :)) which she stretched out to 30 minutes !

So today I decided to (take your pick) [a] exact my revenge or [b] reward her ;-)

We met at Yangpa
We kissed
And subkissed
And subhugged
And then she knelt before me
And removed her top
So I could play with her nipples with my crop
And removed her skirt
So I apply the crop elsewhere

Then esialb logged in, so I brought her to join us
And had roberta explain what she had done
Which shocked esialb
And roberta agreed it had been a "bad idea"
So I figured those seven letters made a good count :)
And so I proceeded to crop her seven times
Leaving seven bruises
That esialb then carefully tended to roberta's bruises: kissing them better
For which roberta was duly grateful ;-)

I then took the two naked girls shopping
We went to the Bondage Playground
And looked for something sexy to complement my outfit
And I bought them both Christmas presents of identical outfits of black latex lingerie with a lace like effect

And esialb surprised me by gifting me the same outfit
So instead of there being twins we became (sort of) triplets

We then went to Harem
And sat for a while in a lovely pose

And then sadly it was time for each of us to go our several ways
So I asked the girls to have a slow dance together while we logged off together:


feeling good :)

So here I am ... back again :)
I have had 3 months of RL hell that has kept me from SL ... my Sanctum ... my Lifeline.
Well not really "hell", just pressure, stress, long hours and no time for relaxation.

I could only get to SL on weekends, and because of timezones that means I only saw people properly for one day :(

But now I am on my third day of the Christmas break I feel I am blossoming :))
Feeling good
Very good

Today I had a lovely play with roberta and esialb ... and I will post a new thread with the story and the pictures once I have sorted them ;-)

Saturday, 25 December 2010

strange coincidences

It is strange that after a long while I return to post a blog of my Christmas Day adventure with Eefje and Roberta to find that Lizzie has is also making posts again.

Anyway I don't wish to dwell on synchronicity (although I always was and will be a Jungian) but it is a strange coincidence :)

What I do want to do is post our Christmas Eve silliness :D

I waited at a train station for girls to come online.

And when they did we gave each other our Christmas hugs and kisses, and then we climbed aboard the train and *choof* *choof* we went with eefje driving

We drove past a gypsy caravan ... to which we returned at the end of the adventure

We had turns at different people being drivers (that's me above, with eefje's angel feathers being blown back over her eyes) ... and we tried have two trains ...

... and then we had "The Great Train Race" (the movie will be released in 2012 after substantial post-production special effects):

And finally we stopped off at the gypsy caravan for kisses and cuddles while my girls got themselves ready for beds, sleeps, and dreams ... here is roberta sitting on eefje's knee :)

And in closing this blog, I thought I would include the first know picture of me on the web ... taken almost four years ago on the 3rd of January 2007:

An awful lot has happened since then ... and hopefully things will continue unfold as they did today, in happiness and joy.

And recently two things happened ... that like first flowers of spring bring great hope to my heart :)

Merry Christmas everyone, my love and kisses to you, and my fervent wishes that each and everyone of you has a safe, healthy and happy 2011.