Saturday, 29 August 2009

Commemoration and Celebration

Starting (in Europe) on the Friday night 28 August the Family came together in Ozland at the cathedral that Liz, Llola, Sven and Arwin had erected and decorated to first commemorate Annemarie's life with a short service and then to celebrate her living with six hours of dancing to music performed by many of artists of SL that she loved so much:
  • Xander Nichting
  • Angee Seeton
  • OnlyHalfCrazy Gumbo (Terri Jo) (and the hamster!)
  • Melodee McDonnell
  • and with intermission DJing by Sven, Gwenni and Llola of more of Annemarie's favourite songs
We were blessed with the wonderful surprise arrival of Elaine, Annemarie's carer, a newcomer to Second Life.

In addition, outside the cathedral there was a slide show of Annemarie with friends and family ~ this complementing the magnificent gallery of family portraits than Miss San has organised at her club.

The artists generously donated their services and the audience donated their tips to the Dutch cancer fund, and by the end of the evening more than US$200 of Lindens had been collected.

Thank you everyone for your memories and celebration of Anne and for such generous donations.

Here are some pictures of the service, the start of the celebrations and the family gallery
I took 105 pictures so clearly not everything can ever be shown ... I have also included the log of the service so all members of the Family can share that moment with those who were fortunate enough to be able to be present ...

[2009/08/28 11:35] Sven Pertelson: I will play a song dear to Annemarie and Liz while Olivia takes her place
[2009/08/28 11:36] Eefje Afarensis sits down next to the mother of their Esme
[2009/08/28 11:36] Tasja Lundquist holds Lizzie hand...
[2009/08/28 11:37] Llola Lane: <--listens to MY WISH
[2009/08/28 11:37] Eefje Afarensis: Hear it too, llola
[2009/08/28 11:38] Llola Lane: <--hopes Elaine can hear music :)
[2009/08/28 11:38] Liz Laville: <-- does not hear a thing
[2009/08/28 11:38] Olivia Paderborn: I can hear :)
[2009/08/28 11:38] Arwin Lane: play music at bottom
[2009/08/28 11:38] Liz Laville: :-)
[2009/08/28 11:38] Liz Laville: i knew that
[2009/08/28 11:39] Elaine Feiri: oh my god
[2009/08/28 11:39] Tasja Lundquist closes her eyes
[2009/08/28 11:39] Llola Lane: do you hear elaine?
[2009/08/28 11:39] Elaine Feiri: do you have any idea how often she played this?
[2009/08/28 11:39] Tasja Lundquist silently nods
[2009/08/28 11:39] Elaine Feiri: she had a special version of it
[2009/08/28 11:39] Arwin Lane: she loved this song
[2009/08/28 11:40] Olivia Paderborn: Dear family and dear friends, welcome to these beautiful surroundings that Llola, Sven and Liz have prepared.
[2009/08/28 11:40] Olivia Paderborn: We come here today to both commemorate and celebrate the all lives of Annemarie, our beloved mistress, sister and friend, here amongst the islands of Ozland - a place that she loved and which, like Second Life, sustained her through the dark days and nights of her illness.
[2009/08/28 11:40] Liz Laville: and wife
[2009/08/28 11:41] Tasja Lundquist: of course
[2009/08/28 11:41] Llola Lane: :)
[2009/08/28 11:41] Olivia Paderborn smiles at Liz and mother of Her child
[2009/08/28 11:41] Liz Laville smiles, eyes all wet
[2009/08/28 11:41] Olivia Paderborn: Annemarie Niekerk was born in First Life in 1974, a year of some notable achievements for women's liberation. Unlike Comet Kohoutek that was discovered that year, Annemarie did go on to dazzle us all with her brilliance of wit, intellect, fun and zest for life.
[2009/08/28 11:41] Olivia Paderborn: Annemarie was an amazing individual - she was robbed of her childhood, and yet she overcame that going on to love people and give generously to all she met in both her First Life and her Second Life.
[2009/08/28 11:42] Tasja Lundquist caresses Lizzie's back
[2009/08/28 11:42] Olivia Paderborn: Annemarie was rezzed on the 10th of May 2007, brought here by Tasja who had rezzed the previous day, and who introduced Second Life to Annemarie, and Annemarie to it and therefore all of us: thank you Tasja for that wonderful gift to her and to us.
[2009/08/28 11:42] Liz Laville smiles at Tasja, returning the favour
[2009/08/28 11:42] Liz Laville squeezes Elaines hand
[2009/08/28 11:42] Olivia Paderborn smiles at both of them
[2009/08/28 11:43] Olivia Paderborn: Annemarie had a great love of people, and in her First Life she confirmed her sexuality and her kinks with her great love of that life, a Dutch woman whom she met through work and who became Annemie's Mistress teaching Annemarie the insights and skills she brought to Second Life. Our thanks to that Woman for Her love of Annemarie and the gifts She gave her that Annemie passed on to us.
[2009/08/28 11:43] Elaine Feiri: she all loved you people soooo much
[2009/08/28 11:43] Olivia Paderborn: yes, she did, and she truly appreciate you my dear Elaine
[2009/08/28 11:43] Arwin Lane: we all love her very much
[2009/08/28 11:43] Liz Laville *sighs*
[2009/08/28 11:44] Olivia Paderborn: Annemarie had only one idyllic holiday with her mistress: sailing the Greek Islands. Water and sailing were two of Annemie's delights and why she loved Ozland so much. Thank you Llola and Sven who with Arwin's wonderful support and enthusiasms gave her and us the gift that surrounds us.
[2009/08/28 11:44] Tasja Lundquist: we all loved Her very ver much too
[2009/08/28 11:44] Eefje Afarensis: And she is with her now
[2009/08/28 11:44] Olivia Paderborn sighs: yes
[2009/08/28 11:44] Olivia Paderborn: Annemarie's passion was for people and she became a consultant in human relations for organisations - she grew to specialise in the area of cross-cultural challenges in which she had hoped to complete her doctorate. It was in recognition of her expertise in this area that she was asked to come to New York for what sadly became her last project. She fell in love with New York, and no doubt New York fell in love with her. We give our thanks to all New Yorkers.
[2009/08/28 11:45] Llola Lane smiles at Olivia.. and the family around her
[2009/08/28 11:45] Olivia Paderborn smiles at both the Queen and King of Ozland
[2009/08/28 11:45] Liz Laville tries to find the kleenex but can't see a d*mned thing
[2009/08/28 11:45] Olivia Paderborn: Annemarie had been selected to join the United Nations so her skills could empower that organisation and to help make more effective its humanitarian and disaster relief missions around the world. Sadly the UN, and the peoples of the world, have lost a great catalyst for change and good.
[2009/08/28 11:46] Tasja Lundquist gently wipe Lizzy's tears
[2009/08/28 11:46] Liz Laville smiles through her tears
[2009/08/28 11:46] Llola Lane: thank you lil sis
[2009/08/28 11:46] Olivia Paderborn: (very shakey loves, very shakey)
[2009/08/28 11:46] Olivia Paderborn: Annemarie brought change to people's lives here in Second Life. Tasja and Anne became partners in Second Life, and they met Eefje and Emma. Annemie helped bring those two together as partners and helped Emma in many ways - Anne said "she will always be my babygirl" and "she has made me proud". And Eefje, whom Anne called her "rough diamond", helped Annemarie is a very special way, helping to exorcise Anne's deamons and bring peace to Annemarie's life. We thank Emma and Eefje for these gifts to her.
[2009/08/28 11:47] Liz Laville nods
[2009/08/28 11:47] Arwin Lane hands Lizz a tissue
[2009/08/28 11:47] Liz Laville: thanks sis
[2009/08/28 11:47] Olivia Paderborn blows a kiss to evie
[2009/08/28 11:47] Olivia Paderborn: Through 2008 Annemarie built a family in Second Life and home in Ozland and it was during this time that she first became aware of Liz and Liz's sad story that I am sure you have all read in Liz's blog. Perhaps it was my actions that help crystalise the situation such that Liz joined Anne's family in January of this year.
[2009/08/28 11:47] Eefje Afarensis: :)
[2009/08/28 11:47] Tasja Lundquist smiles trough her wet eyes at Eefje
[2009/08/28 11:48] Olivia Paderborn: Sadly for Liz and for us, by that time Annemarie had already been diagnosed as having an incurable brain tumour. And so as Annemarie and Liz fell in love they already knew their days were numbered. But what wonderful days they were: those days brought a great sense of joy and accomplishment to Annemarie. Thank you Liz for giving her that drive and that purpose that kept her alive beyond the predictions of the doctors.
[2009/08/28 11:49] Olivia Paderborn: So when Annemarie and Liz married in this wonderful building they already knew that Liz would become the widow. But that day was one of the happiest of Annemarie's remaining days. Thank you, thank you Liz.
[2009/08/28 11:49] Liz Laville's eyes are soaking
[2009/08/28 11:49] Tasja Lundquist: thank you so much Liz...
[2009/08/28 11:49] Olivia Paderborn: (mine too)
[2009/08/28 11:49] Olivia Paderborn: The second happiest day was when Liz gave birth to Annemiek - given Anne an experience that had been denied her in First Life. Thank you Liz for helping to make Anne's life complete. Thank you for the joy your brought her, and thank you for the love you gave her.
[2009/08/28 11:50] Liz Laville: need to be thankful to Her
[2009/08/28 11:50] Olivia Paderborn: She loved you so much Lizzie
[2009/08/28 11:50] Liz Laville hurts her hands squeezing tasja and Elaine
[2009/08/28 11:50] Olivia Paderborn: I want also to thank Amanda who like me joined Annemarie's circle and family too late to fully understand the wonderful vibrant person Anne was. Amanda has become a wonderful friend to LIz, supporting and sustaining Liz through Anne's illness and her death.
[2009/08/28 11:50] Tasja Lundquist holds Lizzie's hand
[2009/08/28 11:51] Olivia Paderborn: I am sad Amanda is not yet with us today
[2009/08/28 11:51] Liz Laville sniffs loudly
[2009/08/28 11:51] Olivia Paderborn: I know she wanted to be here
[2009/08/28 11:51] Olivia Paderborn: Thank you also Amanda for the love and partnership you have given Tasja, and the delight and love you give Eefje, all of these gifts of yours have helped sustain Annemarie's family - what Anne saw as her legacy to the world.
[2009/08/28 11:52] Olivia Paderborn: Sadly Annemarie's illness not only stole her life, but it also robbed us all of precious times when Annemarie collapsed in a coma and had to be hospitalised, and then later when her secondaries and associated infections meant she had to be in hospital and in isolation.
[2009/08/28 11:52] Olivia Paderborn: So I also want to thank someone who is new to Second Life but we all knew of as a Real Life person, I wish to thank Elaine, Annemarie's nurse. It was Elaine who sustained Annemarie following her coma, who cared for her, who was the conduit for Liz to communicate with Anne in hospital and who ensured that pictures of Liz and Annemiek accompanied Anne on her final journey.
[2009/08/28 11:53] Liz Laville cries her heart out
[2009/08/28 11:53] Tasja Lundquist: thank you Elaine, for all you've done for Anne....
[2009/08/28 11:53] Llola Lane: hugs to you Elaine :)
[2009/08/28 11:53] Liz Laville kisses Elaine
[2009/08/28 11:53] Elaine Feiri: no thanks needed
[2009/08/28 11:53] Olivia Paderborn: Now let us pray.
[2009/08/28 11:53] Tasja Lundquist feels tears run down her cheek and puts her arm round liz.
[2009/08/28 11:54] Olivia Paderborn:

"Our Father
Onze Vader"

[2009/08/28 11:54] Liz Laville: lies her head on Tassies shoulder

"Who art in heaven
Die in de Hemelen zijt"

"Hallowed be Thy name
Uw Naam worde geheiligd"

"Thy Kingdom come
Uw Koninkrijk kome"

"Thy will be done
Uw wil geschiede"

"On earth as it is in Heaven
Gelijk in de Hemel alzo ook op de aarde"

"Give us this day our daily bread
Geef ons heden ons dagelijks brood"

"And forgive us our trespasses
En vergeef ons onze schulden"

"As we forgive those who trespass against us
Zoals wij anderen hun schuld vergeven"

"And lead us not into temptation
En leid ons niet in bekoring"

"But deliver us from evil
Maar verlos ons van het Kwade"

"For Thine is the Kingdom
Want van U is het Koninkrijk"

"The power and the glory
En de kracht, en de heerlijkheid"

"For ever and ever
In eeuwigheid"

[2009/08/28 11:56] Olivia Paderborn:


[2009/08/28 11:56] Gwenni Fraisse: Amen
[2009/08/28 11:56] Liz Laville: Amen
[2009/08/28 11:56] Llola Lane: amen
[2009/08/28 11:56] Sven Pertelson: Amen
[2009/08/28 11:56] Tasja Lundquist: Amen
[2009/08/28 11:56] Olivia Paderborn: Thank you Tasja for those words in Dutch
[2009/08/28 11:56] Elaine Feiri: Amen
[2009/08/28 11:56] Brigitta Aabye: amen
[2009/08/28 11:56] Julie Ezvalt: amen
[2009/08/28 11:56] Arwin Lane: Amen
[2009/08/28 11:56] Llola Lane: Olivia please be seated :)
[2009/08/28 11:57] Sven Pertelson: Now we have a video that Annemarie wanted us to watch
[2009/08/28 11:57] Olivia Paderborn: Now let us put sadness behind us, now let us celebrate an amazing woman who brought grace and love to our lives both here and in our real lives.
[2009/08/28 11:57] Gwenni Fraisse: passes the tissues arround
[2009/08/28 11:57] Tasja Lundquist rubs her hand gently trough Lizzy's hairs
[2009/08/28 11:57] Liz Laville: grabs a fistful
[2009/08/28 11:57] Sven Pertelson: please press the video play button on your browser
[2009/08/28 11:58] Llola Lane: <--sniffs
[2009/08/28 11:59] Liz Laville feels her heart pound like crazy
[2009/08/28 11:59] Llola Lane: <--hopes everyone can see
[2009/08/28 11:59] Olivia Paderborn gazes in wonder
[2009/08/28 11:59] Tasja Lundquist quitely sings...
[2009/08/28 11:59] Arwin Lane quietly sobs ....
[2009/08/28 12:00] Brigitta Aabye: squeezes arwin's hand....
[2009/08/28 12:00] Llola Lane: OMG.. goosebumps
[2009/08/28 12:00] Tasja Lundquist cries
[2009/08/28 12:00] Llola Lane: Elaine .. can you see??
[2009/08/28 12:00] Elaine Feiri: she loved that
[2009/08/28 12:00] Liz Laville strokes her sisters hair lovingly
[2009/08/28 12:00] Julie Ezvalt: sniffing. I am so glad she wanted us to hear this. It is one of my favorite
[2009/08/28 12:01] Eefje Afarensis softly strokes Julie's back
[2009/08/28 12:02] Olivia Paderborn: Now let us go to celebrate Anne's life in the way she loved it - singing and dancing to her favourite music played by her favourite musicians. Thank you Liz, Arwin, Llola and Sven for bringing them and other beauties to both our lives and Annemarie's.
[2009/08/28 12:02] Monique Basevi: come ratna
[2009/08/28 12:02] Llola Lane: APPLAUSE
[2009/08/28 12:02] Arwin Lane squezzes Bri's hand tight
[2009/08/28 12:03] Liz Laville: thank you Miss O
[2009/08/28 12:03] Liz Laville: for your wonderfull words
[2009/08/28 12:03] Llola Lane: Liz will open the doors.. and the celebration will begin
[2009/08/28 12:03] Tasja Lundquist sits quitely and holds liz's hand
[2009/08/28 12:03] Eefje Afarensis: oh, so happy you came too, RRRatna
[2009/08/28 12:03] Liz Laville: Sven it is up to you now
[2009/08/28 12:03] Arwin Lane: Hi Ratna sis
[2009/08/28 12:03] Ratna Markova: hello eva
[2009/08/28 12:03] Arwin Lane: Hi Moni
[2009/08/28 12:03] Monique Basevi: hi arwin
[2009/08/28 12:03] Liz Laville: please stand up my family so i can remove the benches
[2009/08/28 12:03] Ratna Markova: hi arwin
[2009/08/28 12:03] Brigitta Aabye: hello monique and ratna
[2009/08/28 12:03] Llola Lane: you can leave the benches Liz.. there is plenty of room
[2009/08/28 12:03] Sven Pertelson: We are now pleased to welcome Xander Nichting to the stage - one of Annemarie's favourite artists

Vale Annemarie

Purely by coincidence my US port of departure was San Francisco and my date of departure coincided with SLCC ... the Second Life Community Convention

Given the lucky coincidence I enrolled myself late in SLCC, taking just a one day pass, but I discovered that in the conference catalogue there was going to be an "In Memorium" page ...

So I submitted the words at the end of this post, but because of my late submission only Annemarie's name was actually printed ~ sorry everyone, sorry Annemie

Annemarie Niekerk, rezed 10/5/2007, resident of Ozland, partnered to Tasja Lundquist who introduced her to Second Life, and then partnered with and married to Liz Laville, died on Midnight 25/26 June in New York City having spent her last few hours in SL doing what she loved: listening to live music while dancing. Her partner Liz and family of Amanda Kling, Arwin Lane, Brigitte Magic, Eefje Afarensis, Emma Tyles, Julie Ezvalt, Olivia Paderborn and Tasja Lundquist miss her love, wisdom, humour and joy of life. As do all her friends such as Hanneke Beatty, Llola Lane, San Mauvaise, and the artists she loved to support.

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

My solace ...

Annemarie strongly believed in religion and I believe it gave her great comfort.
And now I find comfort in going to churches and lighting candles from us for her.

I twice visited St Pauls in New York; its place in history is very special - it gave great comfort to those working after September 11. I wrote before of my first visit and listening to the choir, this time, as I returned from Liberty Island, the church was quite - like my mood.

The messages of support from all around the USA and the world are very moving ...

I went from St Pauls to St Patricks by subway; I wanted to go St Patricks because Elaine had told me it was Annemie's favourite.

I exited the subway and I was inside the Rockerfeller Centre and suddenly I released what I was looking at, and realised that maybe I was standing where she had stood many a time.

It was a very somber moment.

Once I had recovered I walked out and across the road to St Patricks ...

... and lit more candles from us for her.

I completed my New York pilgrimage, and went on to Boston where I visited Trinity Church and again prayed for her.

At the end of my trip I was once more in San Francisco, and this time I went to Grace Cathedral to light candles from us - I think Annemie would have liked this cathedral as it looks so like the one she and Liz were married in.

And then on a wall by the entrance I discovered this painting - commemorating the founding of the United Nations in San Francisco - and I knew that this would have made this place very special to Annemarie.

So now churches and cathedrals have become my solace, because in them I feel closer to Annemarie.

I light some candles and I reach out to her ...

O God, Creator of all living things,
we ask that as we light our candles,
the healing warmth of Your love
will flow into our hearts and give
to us Your strength and comfort.

A pilgrimage and homage to Annemarie

Annemarie and I talked several times about her wishes ...

... how she wanted to have her ashes taken to Liberty Island so she could be set free at last ...

... so I promised her that in July I would come to New York to pay homage to her at Liberty Island with roses ...

That morning I bought two roses, a white one representing all of us and a red one representing her.

I went to where you catch the ferry to Liberty Island and after standing in a queue for about three hours I boarded:~

En route to Liberty Island a sailing boat passed by and I thought of our Annemarie and her love of boats and water and how much her home in Ozland meant to her:~

The ferry passed her other favourite island, Ellis Island where immigrants like her came to this wonderful city and country in the hope of freedom, liberty and the pursuit of happiness:~

The ferry's arrival at the Island was greeted by the Statue of Liberty ...

... and I placed our flowers at the welcome sign:~

I then had to find a quite spot for teh act of homage, and fortunately on the statue's left side there was a small wooden jetty over the waters and away from the rocks that surround the island. I waited until no one was there and ventured out where I conducted this ceremony.

I took petals from the white rose, one at a time, and cast them onto the waters naming each of us as a petal ... Liz, Annemiek, Tasja, Eefje, Emma, Arwin, Amanda, Julie, Brigitte, Llola and myself:~

... thinking also of all Annemarie's friends - so many, too many for my petals ...

... but knowing that all she had touched would be there with me in spirit.

I then cast the two roses upon the waters:~

And watched them, with the petals, float away across the waters, accompanied by ferries and sailing boats to the freedom and liberty of the sea ...

I am sailing, I am sailing,
Home again cross the sea.
I am sailing, stormy waters,
To be near you, to be free.

I am flying, I am flying,
Like a bird cross the sky.
I am flying, passing high clouds,
To be with you, to be free.

As I imagined her ...

As some of you know, or may have guessed/worked out, I made two trips to New York.

The first was in June so I could be close to Annemarie should she want me to be with her and Elaine at the end; the second trip in July was the pilgrimage I promised her, when I said I would lay roses for her at Liberty Island.

Based on various conversations about Central Park and the park over looking the Hudson River I decided to stay in the Upper West Side of New York - a place that I imagined Annemarie might have lived.

I arrived at midnight and checked into the hotel I had discovered on the internet - it was undergoing renovations, so much so that the taxi driver was nervous about dropping me off there !

The next day I explored the neighbourhood and I was amazed to find this scene, one block away from my hotel:~

  1. Amsterdam Avenue
  2. Amsterdam Ale House
  3. Amsterdam Inn
And diagonally opposite:~

So I convinced myself that this was Annemarie's New York and I walked its streets imagining I was walking with her and enjoying the city she loved so much. I hope you enjoy these walks as well I did ...

New York, New York
So great they named it twice

Monday, 17 August 2009

Annemarie's favourite places

I know it is a month since I made my post of Annemie's solace.

I feel bad that it has taken until now to start work on the next three posts - Her favourite places, my imaginary places of Her, and the homage I promised Her.

But I found that traveling did not give me the time to carefully construct the combination of words and pictures.

However now that I am home I can fulfill my promises to you all.

I know of Annemie's favourite places from a conversation I was having with her about her work - she loved talking to me about psychology, sociology, and her career - and I loved listening to her; here we were talking about how she got started as a consultant:

[2009/06/17 16:50] Annemarie Niekerk: they always found me
[2009/06/17 16:51] Olivia Paderborn kisses you
[2009/06/17 16:51] Annemarie Niekerk: then this offer from NBC came
[2009/06/17 16:51] Annemarie Niekerk: and i jumped at the chance
[2009/06/17 16:51] Olivia Paderborn: of course
[2009/06/17 16:51] Annemarie Niekerk: and fell in love with NYC
[2009/06/17 16:51] Olivia Paderborn: so different !
[2009/06/17 16:51] Annemarie Niekerk: yes
[2009/06/17 16:51] Annemarie Niekerk: so vibrant
[2009/06/17 16:51] Olivia Paderborn: what bits do you love the most ?
[2009/06/17 16:52] Olivia Paderborn: yes, I love watching people
[2009/06/17 16:52] Annemarie Niekerk: i love liberty island
[2009/06/17 16:52] Annemarie Niekerk: and ellis island
[2009/06/17 16:52] Annemarie Niekerk: central park
[2009/06/17 16:52] Annemarie Niekerk: greenwich village
[2009/06/17 16:53] Annemarie Niekerk: lots of great places for lesbian women
[2009/06/17 16:53] Olivia Paderborn smiles
[2009/06/17 16:53] Olivia Paderborn: central park is amazing
[2009/06/17 16:54] Olivia Paderborn: I have never explored the village
[2009/06/17 16:54] Annemarie Niekerk: the village is great
[2009/06/17 16:54] Annemarie Niekerk: as is little italy
[2009/06/17 16:54] Annemarie Niekerk: and on rainy days
[2009/06/17 16:54] Annemarie Niekerk: i always go to one place
[2009/06/17 16:54] Olivia Paderborn: oh tell me
[2009/06/17 16:55] Olivia Paderborn: I want to be close to you
[2009/06/17 16:55] Annemarie Niekerk: AMNH
[2009/06/17 16:55] Annemarie Niekerk: have spend days and days there
[2009/06/17 16:56] Annemarie Niekerk: American Museum of natural history
[2009/06/17 16:56] Annemarie Niekerk: always discover new things
[2009/06/17 16:57] Annemarie Niekerk: have got to know the curator
[2009/06/17 16:57] Annemarie Niekerk: so was able to ga behind the scene
[2009/06/17 16:58] Annemarie Niekerk: they only have 2% of their collection on display
[2009/06/17 16:59] Olivia Paderborn: we have such richness and beauty in the world
[2009/06/17 16:59] Olivia Paderborn: can't understand people who seek to destroy
[2009/06/17 16:59] Annemarie Niekerk: no me neither
[2009/06/17 17:00] Annemarie Niekerk: want to have hope?
[2009/06/17 17:00] Olivia Paderborn: yes
[2009/06/17 17:01] Olivia Paderborn: I worry about this time we are in, yes I want hope
[2009/06/17 17:22] Olivia Paderborn: I will read the books we have talked about
[2009/06/17 17:23] Olivia Paderborn: I will visit AMNH ... but not wait for a rainy day
[2009/06/17 17:24] Olivia Paderborn: and it reminded me of all the other books we have talked about
[2009/06/17 17:24] Olivia Paderborn: I was looking for them last week
[2009/06/17 17:25] Olivia Paderborn: (probably should just use Amazom)
[2009/06/17 17:25] Annemarie Niekerk: you know these books give me hope
[2009/06/17 17:25] Olivia Paderborn: and then I was thinking of the other pieces of your life I would like to taste
[2009/06/17 17:28] Annemarie Niekerk: which one are those
[2009/06/17 17:28] Olivia Paderborn: :)
[2009/06/17 17:29] Olivia Paderborn: such as AMNH, central park, liberty island
[2009/06/17 17:29] Olivia Paderborn: Elaine took you to a park by the river, so I want to stand there
[2009/06/17 17:30] Olivia Paderborn: the village, and now Ellis Island tonight :)

And then on Her last night we had this conversation ...

[2009/06/25 17:10] Olivia Paderborn: it is okay my darling
[2009/06/25 17:10] Olivia Paderborn: it is okay to let go
[2009/06/25 17:11] Olivia Paderborn: I am wth you
[2009/06/25 17:11] Olivia Paderborn: I am walking central park with you
[2009/06/25 17:11] Annemarie Niekerk: cant let go
[2009/06/25 17:11] Annemarie Niekerk: cant
[2009/06/25 17:11] Olivia Paderborn: holding you close
[2009/06/25 17:13] Annemarie Niekerk: lets dance pls
[2009/06/25 17:14] Olivia Paderborn: the balls are here
[2009/06/25 17:15] Olivia Paderborn: come into my arms
[2009/06/25 17:15] Annemarie Niekerk: yesss
[2009/06/25 17:16] Olivia Paderborn: you are with me
[2009/06/25 17:16] Olivia Paderborn: and I am with you
[2009/06/25 17:18] Olivia Paderborn: I am standing with you in the foyer of the Natural History museum
[2009/06/25 17:18] Olivia Paderborn: looking at those dinosaurs
[2009/06/25 17:18] Annemarie Niekerk: yes
[2009/06/25 17:18] Olivia Paderborn: marvelling at their sizes
[2009/06/25 17:18] Annemarie Niekerk: so impresive
[2009/06/25 17:19] Olivia Paderborn: reading Teddy Roosevelt's words on the walls
[2009/06/25 17:20] Olivia Paderborn: simple words to guide us in a complex world
[2009/06/25 17:20] Annemarie Niekerk: he is my favourite president
[2009/06/25 17:20] Olivia Paderborn: forever sitting there looking over the park
[2009/06/25 17:21] Annemarie Niekerk: yes
[2009/06/25 17:21] Annemarie Niekerk: park is so beautiful
[2009/06/25 17:21] Olivia Paderborn: I walk with you through the park
[2009/06/25 17:21] Olivia Paderborn: past Strawberry Fields
[2009/06/25 17:22] Olivia Paderborn: the Inn in the Park
[2009/06/25 17:22] Olivia Paderborn: so we can sit on the grass
[2009/06/25 17:22] Olivia Paderborn: and watch the squirrels
[2009/06/25 17:22] Annemarie Niekerk: Strawbarry fields forever
[2009/06/25 17:22] Olivia Paderborn: forever
[2009/06/25 17:25] Olivia Paderborn: forever strawberries
[2009/06/25 17:25] Olivia Paderborn: forever champagne
[2009/06/25 17:25] Olivia Paderborn: forever sunshine on you
[2009/06/25 17:25] Olivia Paderborn: keeping you warm
[2009/06/25 17:26] Olivia Paderborn: forever the sweet smell of mown grass
[2009/06/25 17:26] Annemarie Niekerk: lying on my back
[2009/06/25 17:26] Annemarie Niekerk: watching the birds
[2009/06/25 17:27] Olivia Paderborn: listening to their songs
[2009/06/25 17:27] Annemarie Niekerk: yes
[2009/06/25 17:27] Olivia Paderborn: the blue sky through the leaves

So as I promised Her, I went and tasted some of Her places ... and took these pictures to bring them and Her closer to you ...

I showed Liberty Island and Ellis Island in my previous post,
and will show them again in my next posts.

The entrance to the Village park ...

... with all the fun of people watching:~

Being taken by Elaine to the parkway ...

... alongside the Hudson River ...

(she must have loved the boats, so like Her's in Ozland).

Of going to Central Park ...

... sitting in on the lawns gazing at the sky and the birds ...

... taking champagne at the "Inn on the Park" ...

... watching for squirrels ...

... looking towards at the skyline of the Upper West Side and ...

... thinking of walking to the American Natural History Museum ... and so going past "Strawberry Fields" ...

... and the John Lennon Memorial ...

... and approaching the AMNH with President Teddy Roosevelt's statue on the outside ...

... with the dinosaurs inside ...

... surronded by Roosevelt's words:~

In particular I was taken by these words - whilst written more than one hundred words ago - and for a different audience - to me they reflect Her spirit.

She certainly:
  • lived up to Her ideals
  • always tried to succeed
  • had daring and courage
  • was full of iron endurance despite Her misfortune
  • tried to make this world and all of us a nobler type of person, and
  • always embraced both the joy of life
  • and the duty of life - such is the role of a great Mistress