Saturday, 26 November 2011

Dancing :)

Dancing to live music is one of the best things about SL ... actually RL as well ... but it is so much easier to get to SL gigs, less expensive, AND YOU DON'T GET DROWNED ...

So I began today's visit by catching up with roberta who wanted to show me all the new beautification of Yangpa that she had done ... so I said yes she could, but she had to do it naked :-)

Thank you darling for making our family's home so lovely

Then effie and sindi arrived, and we all went dancing ... I had received an invite to NAUGHTY'S on the old Tir channel for a favourite outfit competition, so naturally I asked if birthday suits were eligible and I was told "of course (lol)" ... and so I took roberta (naked) and effie took sindi (naked) 

we had a good time dancing and playing the SPLODER
been too long since I did something as silly as that :-)

But then roberta and sindi were tired (poor sindi had been on two 13 hour shifts .... poor lamb) and effie and I were going to follow when I got an invite to a Khiron concert (look her up on Youtube) and so we just had to go and listen to all those favourite oldies that are weepies :)

this is a lovely place - called ELEGANCE - look it up
(yes, I know, my short skirt is hardly elegant ! but it was better than the skin tight leather jeans !!)

Saturday, 19 November 2011

two lovely days

I spent two lovely days this weekend

Saturday started with a shopping splurge ... the girls had to drag me away :-) ... and then we went dancing although I missed capturing roberta in my arms .. sorry *kusjes* ... here is evie and me in our new outfits

Then on Sunday I paid my tiers on Ozland (overdue again, I am so sorry Llola) ... and then I went home to the castle in Yangpa to be with sindi, and slowly evie logged on and joined, and was then followed by roberta ... and so we all snuggled up on the couch and talked, and talked, and talked, and had a simply wonderful time

After roberta fell asleep in my arms (after evie had warmed up my lap like the good kitty-kat she is!) we moved across the room and started talking about whether we should place the castle on the ground rather than having it floating in the sky ...

... and so in the end I agreed to start re-arranging Yangpa to accommodate the castle

And on another matter ... I must go and give Llola the world's biggest hug ... simply for caring and trying so hard for so long ... XOXOX

Saturday, 5 November 2011

A picture is worth a thousand words

or so they say
in which case this is 5,000 words and then some

I wonder what Miss Eva and I shall make of this one ...