Sunday, 2 October 2016

It's a Wrap ... for the month

Here is the final parade for September (okay, okay September-ish)

Three SPLICE outfits ... Dress, Suit, and eXtreme ... and perhaps a Graves mistake as despite the demo (or rather me not noticing glitches in the demo) I acquired four flavours of the wrap around coat ...

(( if only I could upload them *bwahhhh* ))

Saturday, 1 October 2016

Should I ... or Should I not ?

oh what the heck !
I bought it :)
After all Halloween is on its way !
And make no mistake about who I am .... a fun loving Mistress :)

Friday, 30 September 2016

***** xox Good Night xox

unfortunately evie made a bad / sad selection - her present did not look too good - almost seemed like she'd been out through a laundromat backwards ... so here we are catching the train to Paris (I wish)

**** I assert my authority :)

or perhaps you could argue I bribed them with the promise of new clothes ... to go to a new BDSM sim ... where I was very pleased to put my beautiful girls on display ...

*** cuddles evie and ro'tjie after dancing

roberta arrived at the (bids) dance hall naked - so evie decide to keep her company - afterwards we went to one of the club's rooms and cuddled

** Dancing with evie ...

I love this dress !
And the dance sequences ...






* What a lovely night

I have had a wonderful evening
- unfortunately I just missed chloe
- so I took more fashion shots *
- then emma came on and we had a lovely chat
- then a new friend invited me to dance at a new club
- she then crashed but fortunately evie/Eva then logged on and so we had a lovely dance **
- then roberta joined us for a bit of a dance and then cuddles ***
- then we went to a bdsm sim to show the girls off naked and then buy them some clothes ****
- then we want home and had some photoshoots together *****
- and talked about being naughty
- and then ended the evening with promises of what we will do tomorrow
I love my girls, their partners, and our collection of friends

for **, ***, ****,  *****, ****** see the following posts --- although I may choose to censor one or two of them once I have the negatives spread out on the light table :)

* and here are the first shots from this evening ...


Trying to ...

... create a photo studio for a better background to my fashion shoots

I think I need to work a little harder !   Here I am waiting for eefje to alight from her train *smiles*

retail explorations exposed

Well !

I think I either need to remember to wear knickers, slightly longer minis, or position my camera more discretely ...


Or dress in a style that becomes me !

Thursday, 29 September 2016

retail explorations

I am still exploring my Mesh Project's body and its ability to adapt to other mesh clothing because:
a) I loath the Mesh Project's store ... it is an arctic wasteland and the epitome of bad design
b) I find the clothing expensive ... and then irritating when you have to buy even more textures just to polish a brass buckle

So courtesy of chloe (a lovely girl) I have enrolled in maybe as much as 10 (yes ten !) groups and I am now drowning in free offers, cheap offers, and exquisite expensive clothing offers.

Here are some recent purchases "on display" ... perhaps I should follow eefje's example and post them on flikr ?


What do you think ?
(( I really do need to work on getting a proper photo studio, or better backdrop ))

Wednesday, 20 July 2016

... interesting thoughts ...

Last weekend I rewarded roberta with a "sub's five minutes" ... which last more like fifty-five minutes

she deserves to be spanked :) ... (a) exceeding allowed time limit, and (b) doing an RLV force strip on me resulting in revert to a standard avatar look !

However it did start me on a pensive journey of restoring step by step my saved outfits and associated appearances ...

And sharing the experience with a new friend ... which is interesting as we jointly "scrolled" through time :)

However the process has made me very pensive ... and as we all know I am a dominant :)) however there are times when I do need some TLC ... and this week is one of those

remembering ...

sharing ...

thinking ...

and in spending so much time in a deep pool of thoughts I missed jade popping on and off again

*sigh* the trials and tribulations of a Mistress *smiles ruefully*

Saturday, 28 May 2016

there were three in bed, and the little one said

"roll over"
and so they all rolled over and the little one went *poof*
so there were two in bed and the middle one said "roll over"
and so they all rolled over and the middle one went *poof*
so there was one in bed and She sighed
and She did not say "roll over"
instead She remembered the kiss
and then She got dressed
and then She went *poof*


By the way in the above I am wearing Lof Nordenskiold's TRANSE strings of pearls.

screen_last ...

no, not me exiting SL, but what the Linden's (or at least the viewers) capture into your avatar's directory as a bitmap during your log off.

Sometimes they capture sweet moments - if and only if, you *poof* first.
Sometimes the capture moments of poignancy.
And sometimes they capture modelling poses better than I can !

Nice nips :) comes of the clothing being a layer over the body, rather than separate prims.
Above is the Camo Combo present from roberta (did she have ulterior motives ?),
whilst below is Lof Nordenskiold's PARIS outfit ... I have a number of her outfits (and she is a lovely and very kind person), and so I may pose those tomorrow :))

However firstly I clearly need to put some of my bangles and my ring back on !

Monday, 23 May 2016

Alessandra's Camo Combo

4 choices of tops, 2 choices of bottoms does not make for 8 true outfits

However here are some shots of me posing and transitioning
Basically there is a bikini look, and then the torn leggings with one of three or counting bikini four tops

The extra shots are two views of the bikini, an inappropriate combo :), and then catching the later rezzing ... sometime I wish I could stop the outfit just there with my nipples rising :))

Saturday, 21 May 2016

Mistress ! Mistress !! please no more "DEMO"s ...

... that's what both Evie and Roberta said :))
So cruel to deny me my shopping habit :(

Still to sooth my soul, Ro'tjie bought me an outfit :)
Thank you darling xoxox

Nice rear ... view :)

PS the outfit is Alessandra's Camo Combo
4 choices of tops, 2 choices of bottoms

did I say bottoms ? and rears ?

Olivia gives a little wiggle


Friday, 20 May 2016

How about those shoes ...

Calling the Romantica shoes shoes is like saying ... Niagara is a burst water main; or some other analogy ...

So here they are close up ...

And here is the overall Romantica look ... nice ? I particularly like the leather waist clincher :)
And you dear reader were probably focused on my collection of art ... please ! this is all about Me !