Saturday, 12 September 2009

There were 4 "green bottles" a dancing on the wall ...

We all (cast in order of appearance (lol) Olivia, roberta, ellie, evie) went to Angee's singin' 'n dancin' at the artist's venue in Ozland

Arwin, her Mistress Bri, and Liz were there as well

evie danced on my head to make my sleep-deprivation headache worse
(just kiddin', 'twas the effect of lag)

and before danielle scolds me for the pink boots, my defence is that Angee was singin' "These boots are made for walkin', Walkin' all over youuuuu!", and I had to defend my self against roberta's boots :)

luckily that evie and ellie were both bare-footed :-))

sadly one "green bottle" was missing :-(

After the concert ellie went off in her elvish way, and then the rest of "green bottles" slowly disappeared until there was only one "green bottle" left after all


and then there were no "green bottles" dacning on the wall ... or the floor ... or the balcony

I then took a nap, did an email to the missing "green bottle", and the made this post, and now its RL chores for yours truly


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