Tuesday, 20 October 2009

dear julie returns

The Family's dear julie has returned to SL after quite an absence following Anne's death, and so I have been spending time with her and ferrying messages between evie and julie across their time zones ...

julie is a sweet sensitive soul who I have placed under my protection as one of my wards

Speaking of my wards ☺ I have told ellie that she can take care of soojin and have her styled in a fae-like way ... I guess there will have to be a post or three about THAT at some stage :-)

☀☀☀ dancing through the night ☀☀☀

I have been going through my family pictures for the month of October, and I found some of a lovely time when most of us were dancing together at the Imperial Royale club ...

The hostess made a heavy hint about our princessje's initial costume (formal is a house rule) and even gave her a gown for free - this explains roberta's change between the two pictures

I hope that one day I can get all of them logged on at the same time for a family portrait

(and yes ☺ that is the "Wear Gray" dress I saw at the fashion parade and which I had bought as the proceeds went towards cancer research)

adventures ...

One lovely thing about ellie is that she is a great explorer
(of course that sometimes she gets into scrapes ... but that's another story)
She used to find me fae-places
... really wonderful ones like where I took the Family once ...
But lately she has taken to exploring various bdsm clubs, and garnering new friends along the way
Yesterday she found a French & Spanish bdsm club that is wonderfully decorated
So today I first TPed evie, telling her that at a minimum she had to wear silks

So in true evie fashion :))))) she turned up looking like this ...

... and surrounded by moths ...
hence forth she shall be called "oupe"

Then roberta logged on - and did a table top dance for us -


And then we went and relaxed in a family huddle/cuddle with ellie ...

♥♡ so sweet ♡♥

♡ old friends ♡

sometimes I get so busy with trying to get Yangpa going, and in looking my girls and Anne's family that I forget to touch base with my friends :(

so this week I did a round of hugs with two friends and ex-naighbours from my early days of SL in 2006 ...

♡ dearest Robynn ♡

♡ wonderful Sandra ♡

☠ halloween preparations ☠

The month of October is "Wear Gray" ... but also the month for preparing for Halloween ...
Ellie did not approve of my choice of a Halloween costume
And so she tracked down four outfits for me ... which I duly bought (fortunately one of her criteria was they should cost L0!) ... and tried on ... before in common agreement we settled on the Wicked Witch from the West

So here I am ... in glorious gruesome green ... giving danielle a big "fright"

Actually I am not sure I gave danielle a fright :-)
I think she was laughing so much she had to go to the bathroom ☺☺☺☺☺

~ my little dove ~

There are times that I tear my hair out over her

And other times it simply turns gray with her antics

And other times when she makes me smile and laugh with her fae-ness and quirkiness

But no matter what my little dove is a very dear friend of 18 months and a darling girl of 6 months for whom I wish joy, happiness and personal growth

Kisses from your Miss O

"Wear Gray" dedication

I discovered recently (and told all the girls who were on) that there is a "wear gray" campaign, like the pink ribbon and daffodil campaigns, but dedicated to raising awareness of the brain tumours ... the disease that wasted and then killed Annemarie and took our guiding light and beloved from us all ...

There was a specific "wear gray" in September that I missed in my ignorance, but then I was pleased to find that the month of October is dedicated to "wear gray" and that there was a fashion parade to raise funds. So I duly attended - in gray, and wearing a fund raising t-shirt ...

The event was held at Pavo Isle (<-- SLURL) which not only hosted this event (and an earlier pink ribbon event) but also provided stalls for the designers with their contributions. Unfortunately the parade was at 3am in the Netherlands, and so the girls could not attend, however I went with a new friend, traci (Miss Kristi's girl), and ellie. I sat with traci while ellie sat on the floor quietly reading "The Story of O" (I rewarded the completion of each chapter with a kiss).
And later, after Miss Kristi had logged on and traci had politely taken her leave, ellie and I watched the remainder of the two hour show.

Both ellie and I made donations to the cause in the supplied "tip" jars -- thank you so much my little dove :-)

There were some funny entries (okay, the elephant slippers are gray!), and also some male models (bless them).

There were many lovely outfits ... however SL lag spoilt many of my attempts at photographs, so here are the ones that did work (and in no particular order)! You might even see one of the dresses that caught my eye and that I have bought for my month of October dedication :-)

I have also reproduced the announcer's chat log of the fashion parade so that all these wonderful people can be recognised for their contribution to a cause which is so dear to all our hearts: the announcer (I am sure there is a fancy french name for her role but it is eluding my memory at the moment *sigh*), the models, and the designers many of whom are giving away free gray outfits or at least heavily discounting them ~ THANK YOU ALL.

[2009/10/16 19:09] Sherrie Shepherd shouts: Good Evening everyone and welcome to this special night of fashion as we bring you some exclusive designs made for the “Wear Gray” Campaign.

[2009/10/16 19:10] Sherrie Shepherd shouts: Tonight our models will be wearing the creations made by 31 designers of Second Life, who all came together to support in raising awareness of Brain Cancer. The proceeds from the sales of their gray outfits go to benefit research at The American Cancer Society.

[2009/10/16 19:10] Sherrie Shepherd shouts: Brain Cancer represents about 2% of all cancer deaths; one reason why it is often referred to as the 'forgotten cancer'. Because of this, treatment options are limited. More research is desperately needed in order to better understand the causes and to develop new treatments and techniques for early detection.

[2009/10/16 19:10] Sherrie Shepherd shouts: As residents of Second Life we have a unique opportunity to help contribute and raise awareness for special campaigns such as “Wear Gray”.

[2009/10/16 19:10] Sherrie Shepherd shouts: No matter the form that Cancer comes in, it has played a part in all of our lives in some way. Tonight we ask you to please donate what you can to this campaig

[2009/10/16 19:11] Sherrie Shepherd shouts: Donations jars are available all around the sim. Also, remember you may purchase any of the designs seen on stage tonight in the shops located here at the sim.

[2009/10/16 19:11] Sherrie Shepherd shouts: Tonight’s show is sponsored by VR Style Magazine, NAIL Productions and Silver Star Modeling Agency.

We also invite you to stay after the show for a little fun and dancing with an after party.

As a last note before we get started, in order to help reduce lag please remove all huds and any scripted items you may be wearing so that you may better enjoy and watch our models as they bring to you these exclusive gray outfits from our designers.

And now...on with the show!

[2009/10/16 19:12] Sherrie Shepherd shouts: The Gray Campaign was started by Sanura Snowpaw of Dreams. So on that note lets welcome Glitter and Iole (eye-o-lee) each wearing a special t-shirt by Dreams.

[2009/10/16 19:13] Sherrie Shepherd shouts: The Gray Campaign was started by Sanura Snowpaw of Dreams. So on that note lets welcome Glitter and Iole (eye-o-lee) each wearing a special t-shirt by Dreams.

[2009/10/16 19:13] Sherrie Shepherd shouts: Glitter is wearing the first gray design made for this Campaign. A plain gray t-shirt accessorized with a bright idea necklace by RGK. A tiny brain spins gently in the light bulb of this necklace and the bulb is color change, re-size and re-positioned by menu.

[2009/10/16 19:13] Sherrie Shepherd shouts: Iole wears the My Hero t-shirt accessorized with an exclusive backpack from DeadBunny. The bunny and other different parts of the backpack are all gray except for the red heart that it holds. The heart represents the kindness of those helping out with raising money and awareness for brain cancer.

[2009/10/16 19:13] Sherrie Shepherd shouts: Both shirts by Dreams can be worn in remembrance of a loved one lost to Brain Cancer.

Thank You Glitter and Iole

[2009/10/16 19:16] Sherrie Shepherd shouts: Next up we have Leesa and Cody

[2009/10/16 19:16] Sherrie Shepherd shouts: Leesa is wearing a cute camisole by That Rocks! It has a cute little chick on the front saying this chick has gone grey to support brain cancer! Throw this on with a pair of jeans and show your support too.

[2009/10/16 19:17] Sherrie Shepherd shouts: Cody is sporting a nice casual outfit from BalAni’s. This outfit for men comes with a hoodie with gray and white stripes; it includes the hood attachment, 2 tee shirts and 1 pair of faded black jeans, as well as a gray messenger bag with 2 cancer awareness buttons attached to it.

[2009/10/16 19:18] Sherrie Shepherd shouts: Thank you Leesa and Cody

[2009/10/16 19:19] Sherrie Shepherd shouts: Let’s welcome Katina and Cheryl to the runway

[2009/10/16 19:19] Sherrie Shepherd shouts: Katina is wearing the "Wear Gray for a Day Dress" by SUS.

This dress comes with 2 different styles of flexi-skirts so you`ll be able to choose the style you like most. There is resizer in both attachments for a perfect fit to your avatar. The outfit comes with all layers, so wearing body oil or tattoos with it will not be a problem.

[2009/10/16 19:20] Sherrie Shepherd shouts: Cheryl is adorable in this dress by Coquette. The outfit is composed of a soft flowing babydoll top with an under bust sash, satiny heart-patterned leggings, and coordinating heels complete with heart-patterned bow and heart details, all in grey of course!

[2009/10/16 19:23] Sherrie Shepherd shouts: Thank You Katina and Cheryl

[2009/10/16 19:24] Sherrie Shepherd shouts: Joining us now are ToniT and Kimmie

[2009/10/16 19:25] Sherrie Shepherd shouts: ToniT is showing off all her curves with this sexy little outfit by Ameri's Designs.

This outfit is a sexy, cute casual outfit that can be worn at any time. Lounging around the house, outside on the beach or you can throw on some UGG boots and hit the club scenes.

[2009/10/16 19:25] Sherrie Shepherd shouts: Kimmie is sizzling wearing Belle by Blacklace

A satin cincher will accentuate your waist as the delicate lace flounce at the bottom enhances your other assets. At the same time, a lace bra plays peek-a-boo with tender flesh. Fishnets add just a tiny bit of edge, as does the black gloves.

As well as this special silver edition, Belle comes in a rainbow of colors for mixing and matching to fit any mood

[2009/10/16 19:28] Sherrie Shepherd shouts: Thank You ToniT and Kimmie

[2009/10/16 19:28] Sherrie Shepherd shouts: Diane and Ches make their entrance in style with designs from .hc&co. and Musashi-Do

[2009/10/16 19:29] Sherrie Shepherd shouts: Diane is wearing a lovely little cocktail dress by .hc&co. Dark shade of gray, flexi baby doll type skirt with matching shoes. Perfect for dancing with that special someone.

[2009/10/16 19:30] Sherrie Shepherd shouts: Ches is wearing the latest astonishing design by Musashi-Do, Fog over Torino. Inspired by the foggy morning in Turin, Italy,

[2009/10/16 19:30] Sherrie Shepherd shouts: This suit summarizes the perfect trends in menswear this coming season. With a notched lapel, two vents and a wrapping look that conveys height and power, it's the true peak of Shiryu(shee-ree-oo) Musashi's five years of suit tailoring.

[2009/10/16 19:30] Sherrie Shepherd shouts: In a classy grey that makes it perfect for daywear and business, it features the new InfiniTIE system that brings the endless variation and customization of a full blown tie collection to Second Life.

[2009/10/16 19:31] Sherrie Shepherd shouts: This is a true must for any fashion conscious man.

[2009/10/16 19:32] Sherrie Shepherd shouts: Thank You Diane and Ches

[2009/10/16 19:33] Sherrie Shepherd shouts: Let’s Welcome Back Glitter and Iole

[2009/10/16 19:33] Sherrie Shepherd shouts: Glitter makes the purrfect entrance in this leopard print dress by A-Bomb. This special outfit consists of A-Bomb’s “At Last dress and the special edition” matched with the Venus boots that are available for the month of October.

[2009/10/16 19:34] Sherrie Shepherd shouts: The dress is a black pencil dress with gray leopard print on the bodice and a fur ruffle at the neckline. The boots are knee high gray stilettos with a heart charm.

[2009/10/16 19:34] Sherrie Shepherd shouts: Iole is wearing MORBID’S GRAY LOLITA by Morbid Mausoleum Designs.

[2009/10/16 19:34] Sherrie Shepherd shouts: In subtle shades of gray satin this is a lovely Lolita style dress with sculpted prim sleeves and sumptuous flexi skirt. Included in the outfit is a silver grey hairstyle and grey brocade Mary Jane shoes!

[2009/10/16 19:36] Sherrie Shepherd shouts: Thank you Glitter and Iole

[2009/10/16 19:37] Sherrie Shepherd shouts: With us again are Katina and Cheryl

[2009/10/16 19:37] Sherrie Shepherd shouts: Katina is wearing “Wear Grey for a Day” by Cilian gel

This is an elegant gown in grey tones, long gloves and stylish hat in black.

[2009/10/16 19:38] Sherrie Shepherd shouts: Cheryl is wearing Grey Girl by Kaotik Kreations -a cute short strapless flexi dress, with a lace under layer, and arm warmers.

[2009/10/16 19:41] Sherrie Shepherd shouts: Thank You Katina and Cheryl

[2009/10/16 19:42] Sherrie Shepherd shouts: Kimmie and Leesa are back again wearing designs by E3D and Phoebe & Feeb’s

[2009/10/16 19:42] Sherrie Shepherd shouts: Kimmie walks out in a design by Fianna Idora of Enchant3D this outfit includes dark denim skinny jean, cowl necked sweater, beaded necklace and matching earrings.

[2009/10/16 19:43] Sherrie Shepherd shouts: Leesa wears an exclusive outfit and accessories made by Phoebe & Feeb's. The wear Grey Outfit was made exclusively for this campaign and is a complete outfit for women by Feeb’s.

[2009/10/16 19:43] Sherrie Shepherd shouts: It has 2 tops styles (dots & plain), jean skirt & shorts, dots leggings, net socks, legwarmers, gloves with lace prims, bangles and belly piercing. The jewelry is designs by Phoebe Piercings & more. The necklace has a resize menu for easier adjustment and comes in a male version also.

[2009/10/16 19:45] Sherrie Shepherd shouts: Thank You Kimmie and Leesa

[2009/10/16 19:46] Sherrie Shepherd shouts: Diane and Cody join us once again with the female and male version of an outfit by DragonLady Designs and Shoes by Cat Crap!

[2009/10/16 19:46] Sherrie Shepherd shouts: 'Wear Grey' is from DragonLady's Closet, a new division of DragonLady Designs. It is a casual couple’s outfit of Jeans & Tank Top, influenced by the designer’s niece who has suffered through the horror of having a brain tumor.

[2009/10/16 19:47] Sherrie Shepherd shouts: Fortunately she survived, but has now dedicated her life to research and prevention, at the tender age of 17! She is a casual girl and the outfit was created to reflect her style!

[2009/10/16 19:47] Sherrie Shepherd shouts: The shoes by Cat Crap! Are Gray Plaid Hi-Tops made exclusively for the Wear Gray Campaign.

[2009/10/16 19:47] Sherrie Shepherd shouts: These shoes are fashioned from the finest materials available in Second Life. The fabric of the uppers is a grey tartan sourced exclusively from a weaver of an ancient clan in the Scottish Highlands. This weaver is world renown for his craft, though you still don't want to know what's under his kilt.

[2009/10/16 19:48] Sherrie Shepherd shouts: Each shoelace is hand woven by monks that have partaken in a vow of silence for the last 7 years.

[2009/10/16 19:48] Sherrie Shepherd shouts: The grommets are stamped from a mixture of recycled metals, guaranteed to contain less than 6% radioactive materials

[2009/10/16 19:48] Sherrie Shepherd shouts: By wearing these shoes, you will be treading on soles made of recycled tires and held together with the tears of butterflies.

[2009/10/16 19:48] Sherrie Shepherd shouts: The prims themselves are formed and texture baked by a crew of displaced former traffic bots that found themselves out of work after recent Linden Lab policy changes. All of the prim torturing is done on a quiet sim set permanently to Midnight to prevent spoilage.

[2009/10/16 19:49] Sherrie Shepherd shouts: And the finishing touch to these shoes, the aglets at the end of each lace are lovingly wrapped and taped by a lonely guy named Fred in Hoboken, New Jersey.

All this to bring you the finest Grey Plaid Hi-tops in Second Life.

[2009/10/16 19:50] Sherrie Shepherd shouts: Thank you Diane and Cody:P:

[2009/10/16 19:51] Sherrie Shepherd shouts: Back again are Chess and ToniT showing us a couple’s outfit by XTC Designs

[2009/10/16 19:52] Sherrie Shepherd shouts: Chess is in Grayson, a cute and casual set with a lot of different options. It includes three t-shirt options in both tucked [shirt & underwear layers] and untucked [jacket]. It also includes a camo button up shirt in tucked & untucked versions, which has sculpted sleeves and collar.

[2009/10/16 19:52] Sherrie Shepherd shouts: Completing the outfit is a pair of black jeans with sculpted pant legs, a pair of camo jeans with sculpted pant legs, and matching shorts. The gray set will retire after the charity, but other sets will be available.

[2009/10/16 19:53] Sherrie Shepherd shouts: ToniT in Destiny is a fun and casual outfit. It includes a boho style shirt available in shirt and jacket layers, a boho skirtbase with a flexi boho skirt, flexi ruffles for the shirt, and sculpted sleeves.

[2009/10/16 19:54] Sherrie Shepherd shouts: It also includes a matching bikini top in both shirt and undershirt layers, as well as bikini bottoms in both pants and underpants layers. This set is also available in other various colors. The gray set will retire at the end of the charity.

[2009/10/16 19:54] Sherrie Shepherd shouts: Thank You Ches and ToniT

[2009/10/16 19:55] Sherrie Shepherd shouts: Cheryl and Iole join us wearing some special skins made just for this campaign.

[2009/10/16 19:55] Sherrie Shepherd shouts: Cheryl is wearing the “Someone Hit Me” skin by PeeBox. This definely is an eyecatcher skin with masquara smeared, bandaid over a broken nose, and some bloody knees. Just in time for Halloween I would say. This unique skin comes with a casual grungy tank top.

[2009/10/16 19:56] Sherrie Shepherd shouts: Iole is wearing a skin by PixelBody. This skin is made exclusively for the Wear Gray Campaign and will not be for sale after October.

The skin has the "Grey Matters" logo tattooed above the left breast to be proudly display support for this cause. The skin color is a shade of grey/blue and it has special makeup that enhances the color of the skin and gives a message of love. It is a high quality texture skin.

[2009/10/16 20:00] Sherrie Shepherd shouts: Thank You Cheryl and Iole

[2009/10/16 20:01] Sherrie Shepherd shouts: Glitter and Katina are on the runway again

[2009/10/16 20:01] Sherrie Shepherd shouts: Glitter’s Extremely Offcourse wear gray outfit comes with dress and all accessories. A cute ballerina style dress with matching boots to make it a grungy/sweet look.

[2009/10/16 20:01] Sherrie Shepherd shouts: Katina’s Hate This My "wear grey" outfit is aiming for a fresh, casual look. The female version, consisting of a short tank top and a resize scripted short skirt, includes glitch pants.

[2009/10/16 20:04] Sherrie Shepherd shouts: hank You Glitter and Katina

[2009/10/16 20:04] Sherrie Shepherd shouts: Let’s welcome back Diane and Kimmie

[2009/10/16 20:05] Sherrie Shepherd shouts: Diane is seducing us wearing Seduction by HopScotch. *~*HopScotch*~*'s contribution is a special 'Gray for Day' Edition, that will not be sold outside of this event. This lovely dress is called ‘Seduction’ luring with transparent parts showing your lovely skin, the half transparent half solid skirt frees the imagination while it floats around your legs.

[2009/10/16 20:06] Sherrie Shepherd shouts: Kimmie is wearing Glitter by Kitsune Couture. A uniquely styled dress with glittery texture, it is perfect for a night out of dancing. The Heart and Sole shoes matches this dress and is sold separately.

[2009/10/16 20:08] Sherrie Shepherd shouts: Thank You Diane and Kimmie

[2009/10/16 20:09] Sherrie Shepherd shouts: With us once more are ToniT and Leesa

[2009/10/16 20:10] Sherrie Shepherd shouts: ToniT is wearing Moving through Cashmere by Lacie Days

Oh how I love the feel of cashmere on my skin!

Wrap yourself in sumptuous layers of the finest fabric on the planet.

Stay warm and sexy while you turn every head in the club. You get a shirt layer top, pants layer skirt base, a prim skirt and a Celtic belly ring all for a song Shangri La beneath the summer moon

[2009/10/16 20:10] Sherrie Shepherd shouts: Leesa is wearing a sweet little dress by Lady Disdain. This is a lovely victorian style dress comes with stockings, gloves, and 3 styles of skirts.

[2009/10/16 20:12] Sherrie Shepherd shouts: Thank You ToniT and Leesa

[2009/10/16 20:13] Sherrie Shepherd shouts: Cody and Iole are adorable in these outfits by Larnia Kids

[2009/10/16 20:13] Sherrie Shepherd shouts: Cody’s outfit includes a t-shirt and jeans branded with Wear Grey, as well as sneakers with modifiable size and a resize scripted prim belt. This outfit is made and sized for little boys but could also be worn by men due to the resize ability.

[2009/10/16 20:14] Sherrie Shepherd shouts: Iole wears the little girl's outfit which has sneakers, jean shorts with leggings complete with lacey trim, and a lace trimmed tank top with a sweet bow all in grey tones to support brain cancer.

[2009/10/16 20:16] Sherrie Shepherd shouts: Thank You Cody and Iole

[2009/10/16 20:16] Sherrie Shepherd shouts: Finally Glitter and ToniT are back once more

[2009/10/16 20:17] Sherrie Shepherd shouts: Glitter is ready for a sleepover in her warm cozy PJ’s by Ambylicious. Striped Fleece Jammies with a plain gray camisole top just right for staying indoors and lounging around on cold autum day.

[2009/10/16 20:17] Sherrie Shepherd shouts: ToniT is showing off Milady's Fancy latest design Moneypenny Wool Suit Ensemble. Comprising of 13 pieces, this set features a delightful and sophisticated floral silk shell under a rich jacket of the finest weave.

[2009/10/16 20:18] Sherrie Shepherd shouts: The Ensemble includes two pencil skirts, one at calf-length and the other at mid-thigh length, which can each be worn with or without the blazer. The outfit is topped off by a lovely and fashionable matching silk neck scarf, as well as a coordinating suede tie-belt. Prim cuffs complete the jacket, though it can be worn with or without.

[2009/10/16 20:18] Sherrie Shepherd shouts: The Wool Suit Ensemble is available in nine fabulous colors including the lovely Smoke Grey shown here today for our special event. In addition, the ensemble is designed to coordinate with the full suite of Fall Moneypenny separates and accessories, so you can mix and match to create a perfect wardrobe to meet all your professional needs.

[2009/10/16 20:19] Sherrie Shepherd shouts: Be sure to stop by Milady's Fancy to view the full selection of this affordably-priced line of business wear. Landmarks are available in the Milady's Fancy booth located just outside the fashion show area, as well as the opportunity to purchase the Ensemble in Smoke Grey at a special introductory price, with all proceeds being donated to today's Charity Event.

[2009/10/16 20:20] Sherrie Shepherd shouts: Thank You Glitter and ToniT

Monday, 5 October 2009

Доверяй, но проверяй

5/6th October 2009
Crede sed proba

6/7th October 2009
I created this entry yesterday morning, giving it a title and a tag, expecting the day to unfold a certain way ... and it did not.

Now I have clarity of thought thanks to my lovely danielle, and confusion because of my wayward ellie.

I am sure there will be much water that flows under the bridge over the next few days.

All I know is that there is much change and possibly turmoil brewing, however if I stay true to my beliefs, my values and my ideals I will survive and hopefully bring happiness and peace to those that I cherish and those that I love.

In the end that is all I can do and hope to achieve.

7/8th October 2009
Trying to connect with Roberta to understand her needs.
Eva and Emma met for 90 minutes - wonderful news.
Danielle's router failed just she and I were about to go and dance - the gods of technology are against us even if the goddess of love is with us.

8/9th October 2009
Still confused by what is going on with ellie ~ no news since yesterday :-(
We were shopping at Elemiah's when emma logged on, gave her a hug (so lovely), and treated her, evie and roberta ... and of course myself ;-)
After they had all gone to bed I allocated roberta the patch of land she had selected in Yangpa. I expect she will start moving her flowers, plants and trees there as well as her furniture once she had decide on what home to get for herself.
I also made some small changes in the church, creating a shrine for Annemarie.
Missing danielle, it feels like more than 36 hours since I last spoke with her .......

17/18th October 2009
almost 10 days since my last update to this post
my blogging frequency is usually a good sign of my stress levels (or do I mean bad sign)
the big decision - even after ellie explained her mood swing meant nothing (and so we are back together again) - has been to sell off Gwangeo and Soju
so some of the time in these almost 10 days was spent working through where roberta would live in Yangpa, and what kind of home she would have

finally tonight/today I managed to catch-up with roberta, evie, and danielle all at the same time
this was the first time that danielle and roberta were on at the same time ... it has only taken so 6 months for such an alignment of the stars to happen ...

but danielle's router continued to frustrate us:

[15:27] Danielle Heninga is Offline
[15:30] Danielle Heninga is Online
[15:34] Danielle Heninga is Offline
[15:36] Danielle Heninga is Online
[15:36] Danielle Heninga is Offline
[15:38] Danielle Heninga is Online
[15:39] Danielle Heninga is Offline
[15:42] Danielle Heninga is Online
[15:43] Danielle Heninga is Offline

I continue to sit here ... waiting ... hoping ... knowing that at the other side of the world she is tired, frustrated and probably crying
I dare not send her IMs in case that has been what caused the crash each time she logged on
So I yearn to pick-up the phone and dial her number ...

... if only I knew it :)

[ I will now draw an end to this particular blog entry ... it is a confused post ... and it is time to move on ... I have a "wear gray" fashion show to report on *smiles* ]

... danielle ...

words are not enough to express all of my feelings and love