Thursday, 30 June 2011

♥ I return ... a prelude ♥

After being away from SL (my two or three brief five or ten minute visits don't really count) for some three weeks and two weekends I returned this morning to see roberta, eefje and sindi and warn (hee hee) them that I should be back in two days time ... so be warned ;-)

In the mean time I include a picture taken today ...

Thank you sindi for building us a lovely castle to become our new home ...

Monday, 27 June 2011

Honouring Her

25/26 June

two years have past and my RL prevented me being inworld to celebrate Her life and Her death

I will honour Her we I can

Gone but not forgotten


Thursday, 16 June 2011

starting the search for a new throne

as I said the other day / week, we need a new throne ... one with a few more pose balls ... and interesting positions
the throne at Harem has been my long time favourite ... but I hesitate buying it as some positions are wasted on us :-)
so we have started a search (what fun!)
and I stumbled across this one ... which I test drove with sindi ... and which we liked as it comes with slave dances built in :-)
sindi looked lovely as I "mouselooked" her dances

our next test drive will be the throne that sindi found that has positions for four subs 
(just in case we have the odd visitor *smiles*)

Saturday, 11 June 2011

♥ we take a moment to remember ♥

it was an unfortunate accident as a result of the squatters
and so some of Her memorial candles were returned
and so those of us who were in world at the time
gathered for a moment of reflection
to remember Her greatness

♥ and now there officially three ♥

time to buy a new throne ... one that supports more subbies

Saturday, 4 June 2011

♥ Sun Rise ♥

The sun has risen over the islands of Ozland (should it be Ozocean ? or Ozone :D ? or even Oceania ?), any way I digress (as usual) ...
So I removed our beloved's Sunset, Sunrise house ... as She would want us to focus on the future
And when the earthquakes were over we set about building our Holiday Home :D
Here are the pictures of what it (currently, as I have been known to change my mind) looks like
  • kissing roberta on top of the lighthouse
  • looking for beach furniture at beachcombers with roberta
  • taking a cruise with sindi and roberta around the islands of Ozland 
  • and leaving the girls
Sadly the sleepy head known as evie missed out on this afternoon's fun

Enjoy :))


a special tender moment

cruising ....

still some islands available for any interested readers :))

hmmm someone decided to get a tan

someone else already has a tan !

and then it was time to say goodbye ...