Saturday, 31 December 2011

Happy 2012 to you and yours from my family and me

Love you all ... lots of *hugs* and *kisses*

(and Amanda did this, is she not simply the most wonderfully brilliant (and sexy too) ?)

Fashion Parade (nearly there)

Only two more "fat" packs to go :-)

Friday, 30 December 2011


At the height of the Cold War they talked about MAD; Mutual Assured Destruction.
And I am *not* going to engage in it.
Life is about love.
Make love, not war.
No matter the provocation.

Prometheus trailers and teasers ?

With eternal thanks to Jimmy Wales (please donate):

In Greek mythology, Prometheus (Ancient Greek: Προμηθεύς, "Forethinker") is a Titan, the son of Iapetus and Themis, and brother to Atlas, Epimetheus and Menoetius. He was a champion of mankind, known for his wily intelligence, who stole fire from Zeus and gave it to mortals.

But that is not what this post is about, nor is it about James Cameron's teaser campaign (but I am hoping to lure some searchers to my sticky blog).

What this is about is posting two teasers about what I shall be posting as my finales for this year (can one have more than one finale ?  well I don't care ! I say I can :D )

So here they are ... first my Christmas gift to the girls:

*grins* can you guess ?

And then ... a wonderful New Year's Eve's Eve that we just had ... well actually given how late it was, it was almost everyone's New Year's Eve

Can you name us from left to right ?

Hmmmmmmm ;-))


over night my blog views showed a sudden increase
as is my wont I leapt to conclusions
silly me, because Google Stats then revealed that they all came for "sory of o" and "dresses" searches
so for those of you searching the internet for the story behind the dresses in the story of O please read this article :))

but a warning ... some of Mistress160's posts distress many viewers
(but this one is okay and educational)

Thursday, 29 December 2011

Fashion Parade (almost)

I was trying on the outfits when *poof* Amanda appeared, and so we took a quick (all too quick) turn on the dance floor ...

My Fashion Parade

I think I mentioned that Amanda told me about the Christmas specials at Divalicious ?

Well I went and bought some *cough* (way to many) outfits which I am still unpacking and taking pictures of for you all ... (vain child that I am/was).

But the key question is do I titillate you all with progressive disclosures ... or do a triumphant post in 3 years time ?


Wednesday, 28 December 2011

A lovely Christmas

I know I have been quiet
But I have been quite busy
And I have had a lovely Christmas
And I hope you all have too
And soon I shall post the trillions of pictures I have taken
And tell some of their stories
Love to each and everyone of you who have enriched my world this past 2 weeks
Amanda, Danielle, Eefje, Julie, Roberta, Sindi

Saturday, 17 December 2011

★♥★ for Llola and deep thoughts

Today I visited Llola's Ozland shrine for Annemarie.

It is a new location, no longer next to church by the ballroom in the sky,
but down neat the ocean she loved, by a chapel on one of the central islands,
and accompanied by a memorial to another Ozlander who succumbed to cancer.

And as I stood I thought of Annemie's desire to have the Family carry on ... "a candle in the wind" ... after she had gone, and how we all still treasure her memories ... and how pleased she would be with amanda's safe return home for Christmas ...

May all of you be safe with your loved ones, and you all have a lovely Christmas season.

★♥★ to you all ★♥★ especially Llola who has a heart of gold ★♥★

Saturday, 10 December 2011

christmas cake weekend

This weekend was not the weekend I baked the Christmas Cake, but it was a weekend that felt like one :-)

a mixture of things and a bit over indulgent ;-))

But the sad bit (do CCs have sad bits?) was that I barely saw eefje - I mean I hardly saw her at all - I often see her barely ;-))

sitting with eefje at Twisted Orchid while we watched roberta dance

investigating the new Adult Hub ... I need heels like that !!!

at the BDSM section of the Adult Hub with julie and roberta

roberta and julie being naughty at the BDSM section of the Adult Hub

rewarding julie by letting her reward roberta at ro's fav spot: the Naked Forest 

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

sharing and caring

So roberta discovered this neat dungeon, and now I have managed to get most of the girls there by one false pretense or other .... *vbg*

But I may have to drag julie back there ... I forgot to take her "candid camera" pose ;-)

Saturday, 3 December 2011

getting behind in my photo posts ...

so to be brief ... more dancing :-)

with roberta

and julie

that girl needs a personal dresser :-) 

afterwards roberta took me to a new dungeon
she knew I would like the art work
I particularly liked the verse
and I am sure sindi would too
so I rewarded her by tying her to the cross
and abandoning her

I wonder what lovely misadventures have befallen her 

Saturday, 26 November 2011

Dancing :)

Dancing to live music is one of the best things about SL ... actually RL as well ... but it is so much easier to get to SL gigs, less expensive, AND YOU DON'T GET DROWNED ...

So I began today's visit by catching up with roberta who wanted to show me all the new beautification of Yangpa that she had done ... so I said yes she could, but she had to do it naked :-)

Thank you darling for making our family's home so lovely

Then effie and sindi arrived, and we all went dancing ... I had received an invite to NAUGHTY'S on the old Tir channel for a favourite outfit competition, so naturally I asked if birthday suits were eligible and I was told "of course (lol)" ... and so I took roberta (naked) and effie took sindi (naked) 

we had a good time dancing and playing the SPLODER
been too long since I did something as silly as that :-)

But then roberta and sindi were tired (poor sindi had been on two 13 hour shifts .... poor lamb) and effie and I were going to follow when I got an invite to a Khiron concert (look her up on Youtube) and so we just had to go and listen to all those favourite oldies that are weepies :)

this is a lovely place - called ELEGANCE - look it up
(yes, I know, my short skirt is hardly elegant ! but it was better than the skin tight leather jeans !!)

Saturday, 19 November 2011

two lovely days

I spent two lovely days this weekend

Saturday started with a shopping splurge ... the girls had to drag me away :-) ... and then we went dancing although I missed capturing roberta in my arms .. sorry *kusjes* ... here is evie and me in our new outfits

Then on Sunday I paid my tiers on Ozland (overdue again, I am so sorry Llola) ... and then I went home to the castle in Yangpa to be with sindi, and slowly evie logged on and joined, and was then followed by roberta ... and so we all snuggled up on the couch and talked, and talked, and talked, and had a simply wonderful time

After roberta fell asleep in my arms (after evie had warmed up my lap like the good kitty-kat she is!) we moved across the room and started talking about whether we should place the castle on the ground rather than having it floating in the sky ...

... and so in the end I agreed to start re-arranging Yangpa to accommodate the castle

And on another matter ... I must go and give Llola the world's biggest hug ... simply for caring and trying so hard for so long ... XOXOX

Saturday, 5 November 2011

A picture is worth a thousand words

or so they say
in which case this is 5,000 words and then some

I wonder what Miss Eva and I shall make of this one ...

Saturday, 22 October 2011

Saturday is Shoeday, Sunday is Outfitday

Just two quick snaps from the two days
Roberta bought me some lovely shoes that we accidentally discovered (we were window shopping for other things) ... they are simply amazing

Just click the pix so you can better see eefje's new outfit and more importantly one one day old shoes ;-D

Friday, 14 October 2011

Love is ...

... giving hugs when and where they are needed

these are for you
((((( eefjie )))))

[[[[[ eva ]]]]]

{{{{{ evie }}}}}

Sunday, 9 October 2011

my fav designer has moved

Elemiah is relocating ... for the moment she has a temporary store, which I visited today:

See you there :))

Saturday, 8 October 2011

The Training By O

Note, I said "by" not "of" ;-)

Friday, 7 October 2011

Saturday, 24 September 2011

At last I return

It has been a long and unpleasant break, but today I returned to SL with a vengeance  ;-)

I bought myself a new dress at Elemiah's (yet to be worn, I am saving it for a dance).
Also ordered roberta to acquire 3 (yes, three) fig leaves from Elemiah (they are a freebie), and after we fitted them ;-) I took her to Charlotte Street / Portland Place but it was sadly quite deserted.
So clearly we had not choice but to head for for the Free Sex Forest (well she was wearing leaves and would not be out of place).
However along the way we saw a lovely red leather outfit, and I confess I became distracted, so voila, here is roberta ;-)

We wandered around, and found somewhere to put roberta on display ;-D

We were then approached by a young man, milo, and we had a lovely playtime, with me punishing him for kneeling at roberta's  feet and worshiping her ..... (well I am sure you have the imagination to work THAT one out !) ... from not afar, but anear -- too anear !
While punishing him I was contacted by Arwin, and so I invited her over to enjoy the fun.
After our little play we put roberta to bed, and then we went shopping for freebies .~* Yay *~.
So now I am a cute red-head.
And after saying farewell to Arwin (with plans for MORE shopping tomorrow) I spent a little time with dearest ellie ...

I hope to catch up with all off them tomorrow, and also eefje


Monday, 5 September 2011

Top to Bottom

Hmmm I just discovered this post hiding as a DRAFT inside the blogger system ...

Finally completed a path from the top of the mountain to the bottom of the cave.
Still lots to do for final polishing ... however it may be ready for the Game.
Cross your fingers darlings!

so I pressed publish thinking it would end up where the preview button indicated it would:

! but of course it did not !
! why am I not surprised !
! software always lies !

Still it does bring memories on ancient times (December 2008) when my world was very different

I often (almost daily it seems) think about the roller-coaster ride I/we have been on, and of how things have changed since then


You may have detected that Sunday was a bit disappointing, so I decided to visit Paris to cheer me up ...

... and to pay homage to Elemiah our (SL) Parisian couturier, whom I count as a friend, and whose styles I adore, I had put together on Sunday this ensemble from two of her outfits ~X~

also I found I had forgotten my flickr id and/or password
so there goes my idea of capturing my outfits in flickr

Saturday, 3 September 2011

better than ?

tired and late - that's me
and maybe evie too :-(
but roberta was there :-)

so we did the next best thing to shopping ...

Friday, 2 September 2011

'~* GIDDY *~'

At last ... I caught up with evie and roberta for an extended period ... and I was soooo happy we just did silly things ... like elephant football (thank you DeNovo and ForceMe for the link in your blogs)

and that's Doll in the background
she popped on
and then popped off
so we think she was being naughty
and accessing SL from work

*tsk* :-)) *tsk*