Thursday, 25 June 2009

Midnight 25/26 June NYC

My beautiful and loving mentor
My great friend
My guide

has died this night
after our last dance together at Heaven's Tear
and after our last goodbyes

I had the privilege of holding her tight
as she gazed at pictures of the woman she loved so much
and listen to her say her love for the last time:

[19:28] Annemarie Niekerk: zo lief Lizje
[19:29] Annemarie Niekerk: hou van jou en annemiek
[19:34] Annemarie Niekerk: bij Lizje zijn
[19:43] Annemarie Niekerk: lizje
[19:43] Annemarie Niekerk: lizjelief
[19:44] Annemarie Niekerk: lizje

[20:19] Annemarie Niekerk is Offline

♥ Our Beloved Annemarie has passed into her Sunset ♥

♥ Midnight 25/26 June New York City ♥

♥ Rest In Peace Darling ♥

♥ Dance in heaven my Sweet to the music that You loved so much ♥

♥ Thank You so much for everything ♥

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Saturday, 13 June 2009

Life is like a box of chocolates

Life is like a box of chocolates, just after you have been rewarded with your favourite you accidently pick an orange creme ...

I have been trying to sell off the land I bought to erect the Crystal Cave adventure I had with liz more than 6 months ago. Using the recommended strategy of starting high, I slowly decreased the price week after week until I started to get nibbles, and then one morning I found I had actually sold the major block.

I contacted the buyer, a very nice looking racoon, and thanked them for becoming my neighbour. We got to talking and through that discussion I carved off another piece of my land and sold that to the racoon.

And when I next logged on I found that the racoon had bought a third block.

What I forgot to take into account was that I had sold more land than I should have - and so the SL system removed (seemingly randomly) prims from my land and returned them to me, lisa and various friends and family.

The saddest bit was seeing portions of the house that lisa had built with such love "destroyed".

So I have had to repair some of the damage, taken out some sections which I could not erbuild, and also try to get to a "safe" level of prims.

A consequence has been that I have had to remove my skybox and my dungeon.

If I can find some "before" pictures I will post some "after pictures.

So that was the orange creme ... and caramel truffle was getting then Lindens and hopefully reducing my tier payments this month :)

Friday, 12 June 2009

Bringing my blog up to date - catching up with friends, both old and new

Catching up with my lovely roberta
She works so hard in RL, and now in SL too, that I rarely see her
But when I do, it is always a joy

And my lovely new friend
Here we are in our Spring finery - lovely frothy colourful dresses - standing outside the community hall in the SIM

And here I am admiring her latest outfit ...

And WOW!
So much nicer from *um* behind

And a lovely hugging experience too :)

Did I hear you ask "Where are Olivia's hands?" ?


Right where they should be

Of course !


Bringing my blog up to date - at last, some furniture

Well I have finally deployed a piece of furniture in the Family's second residence in Ozland North.
It was nice to have evie, then evie and ellie, and then just ellie to cuddle and hug that day :)

Holidays and absences by different Family members has meant that this gift to Annemarie has not been used and enjoyed as much as it should have been ...

... or maybe it is the lack of some interior decorating on my part :)
Well at least we did *um* decorate the stable attached to the house !

Anyway :) I hope that this weekend we may see most of the Family together and perhaps we can fill a few more cushions around the fire and toast some marshmallows


OXO for you all

Bringing my blog up to date - having fun with evie

As I said earlier today, I have let things get out of hand again.
Soooo my apologies as some of these posts and pictures are "old" and therefore out of sequence, but I want them up because I know that members of the Family read them to catch up with what is happening in SL ...

I have been terraforming my SIM - and you will have seen its waterfall and river. Well, any good river needs a willow tree or three - and so I went to my Tiny Empires' upline's SIM to obtain some willows. And while I was there evie joined me - and we had fun riding around the SIM on a toy train - exploring gypsy caravans - and falling out of barges floating in the river :D

At one point the train even goes through an underwater tunnel !
What fun !!!

Sorry there are no pictures of the cuddle in the caravan :)
Seriously there are none and it is a PG SIM after all :))
And similarly none of the lovely barges :)))
A great pity none of these fit the medieval theme of my SIM :(
I just loved the bright colours of the barges and the caravan !!!
Well, maybe the caravan will fit ?

If you want to visit this SIM search for "Tin Teddy"

Helicopter outing

I am behind in my posts (again).

Ellie and I were dancing at the Ozland Cat Inn when Arwin dropped by
And we just had to have a lovely flight with Arwin in her helicopter
... despite me constantly crashing :(

Sunday, 7 June 2009

Evie, the photographer :)

Sadly I miscalculated my SL for julie's birth.
And poor julie had her own bout of crashes during the birth.
However Evie was there to count the breathing, urge the pushing and snap some photographs.
And Annemarie was there for support, encouragement and guidance.
So here they all are ... the pictures tell their own story ... so "mum's the word" (giggles)

Another wonderful event for our Family :-)
"Thank you"s to Doctor Tracey :-) :-)
Love to you all :-) :-) :-)