Wednesday, 23 September 2009

... roberta ...

Earlier in the week we celebrated roberta's 2nd rez day
with cake and champagne
*weighs herself*

Today I gave her a special birthday treat

We went shopping

I bought myself some sunglasses (and some handbags)

And I bought ro'tje some shoes

And some lingerie

And she was very grateful (I love the subby leg lift)

Very grateful ...

I forgot to mention she also got some fingernails with a heart shape ... not that you can quite see them here *grins*

And then I took my princessje to the new Strapped
And chained her to a post in the common area
And she danced for me
While I whipped her with the princess strapper
Which shread and tore the lingerie off her


*grins even more*

And my naughty princess loved every moment

And she was so popular that DJ, the owner, gave her another rezday present ... a pick from DJ's store of an outfit

Well you can guess what sort the naughty ro'tje picked !

So we just had to go back and show her off to DJ *grins*

Happy 2nd Rez Day Ro-Ro

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