Saturday, 28 May 2016

there were three in bed, and the little one said

"roll over"
and so they all rolled over and the little one went *poof*
so there were two in bed and the middle one said "roll over"
and so they all rolled over and the middle one went *poof*
so there was one in bed and She sighed
and She did not say "roll over"
instead She remembered the kiss
and then She got dressed
and then She went *poof*


By the way in the above I am wearing Lof Nordenskiold's TRANSE strings of pearls.

screen_last ...

no, not me exiting SL, but what the Linden's (or at least the viewers) capture into your avatar's directory as a bitmap during your log off.

Sometimes they capture sweet moments - if and only if, you *poof* first.
Sometimes the capture moments of poignancy.
And sometimes they capture modelling poses better than I can !

Nice nips :) comes of the clothing being a layer over the body, rather than separate prims.
Above is the Camo Combo present from roberta (did she have ulterior motives ?),
whilst below is Lof Nordenskiold's PARIS outfit ... I have a number of her outfits (and she is a lovely and very kind person), and so I may pose those tomorrow :))

However firstly I clearly need to put some of my bangles and my ring back on !

Monday, 23 May 2016

Alessandra's Camo Combo

4 choices of tops, 2 choices of bottoms does not make for 8 true outfits

However here are some shots of me posing and transitioning
Basically there is a bikini look, and then the torn leggings with one of three or counting bikini four tops

The extra shots are two views of the bikini, an inappropriate combo :), and then catching the later rezzing ... sometime I wish I could stop the outfit just there with my nipples rising :))

Saturday, 21 May 2016

Mistress ! Mistress !! please no more "DEMO"s ...

... that's what both Evie and Roberta said :))
So cruel to deny me my shopping habit :(

Still to sooth my soul, Ro'tjie bought me an outfit :)
Thank you darling xoxox

Nice rear ... view :)

PS the outfit is Alessandra's Camo Combo
4 choices of tops, 2 choices of bottoms

did I say bottoms ? and rears ?

Olivia gives a little wiggle


Friday, 20 May 2016

How about those shoes ...

Calling the Romantica shoes shoes is like saying ... Niagara is a burst water main; or some other analogy ...

So here they are close up ...

And here is the overall Romantica look ... nice ? I particularly like the leather waist clincher :)
And you dear reader were probably focused on my collection of art ... please ! this is all about Me !

Thursday, 19 May 2016

First ensemble

This week's ensemble is a collation made up of:
Necklace: Witchy (it's an RKL remote) by Satomi
Jacket: Sashi by DE Designs for a Maitreya mesh body (those rigs usually fit)
Bustier: Unforgettable Princess by Dirty Princess (TMP layer)
Leggings: Beltless Leather pants by Alessandra (TMP layer)
Shoes: taken from the Romantica outfit by Sweet Temptations - the outfit is TMP rigged

First a little orientation ...

So I have preserved Yangpa as best I could ...
I have kept the memorial church,
and recently rebuilt the house we all had in Ozland.
And today amazingly the owner of "Heaven's Tears" where we last danced,
sent me a rose in Her honour.
Thank you dear man ....

Time passes ...

I can not believe it was 2014 that I made my last post.
I know my real life has been on a roller coaster .... but sheesh :(

I came here to talk about how I have been experimenting with a mesh body ... from The Mesh Project ... I am not sure I would recommend that particular brand of mesh as find clothes to fit it has become quite time consuming.

Still having made quite an investment in the body I am now trapped with regret spend :(

None the less I have now quite a wardrobe, and so I wanted to do a show & tell :)