Saturday, 21 February 2009

the end of the great wabbit hunt

Finally we managed to be on together after almost a whole week ... and eefje then went "brb" so I used the Mars ring to get what I wanted ... doesn't she look lovely ?

Nicely positioned in front of the fire ...

So delicious I just had to kiss her

and kiss her

and just keep kissing her !

and then emma arrived and I left so the wives spend time together :-)

Wednesday, 18 February 2009

The sad news

By now you will have read liz's news about Annemie's illness and also her heavy hint in the post of Annemie's second return from hospital.

I too have cried - cried for Annemie, cried for liz, cried for eefje, cried for emma ...

Last night was strange ... I had been away from SL proper for 3 days ... and I came on to hear the good news, and to support my friends in their grief, and also catch up with my girls and my friends. I was very quickly exhausted and went to bed at 8pm to wake at 4am - 8 hours of sleep is unusually long for me ...

Comforting emma ...

Congratulating Annemie & liz ...

Monday, 16 February 2009

My frustration ... My joy ... My Command ... My Tease

Today (in RL) I moved hotels and feel defrauded that at the new hotel "internet available" was "in the lounge" - in the early evening I was able to receive a low grade signal from a nearby hotspot and so I was able to chat to liz ... but after dinner nothing ... and after a nap nothing ... but just now (4am) I was able to AIM with my beloved Annemarie

She fills me with such joy - brief though our conversation was I feel like we spoke for days - so much happiness carried in each keystroke

She told me eefje look wonderful in the bunny suit the origin of which lay in that morning's encounter with eefje ;-)
[ I can't wait to see for myself - more frustration ! ]

In the morning around check out time at the previous hotel I had TPed to Annemarie's to join eefje and add a pick list entry

I found eefje in a delightful state of undress ... and so we kissed for as long as I could stay on ...

And I so gave our [ Mistress you have my eternal gratitude ] lustful girl a command at the end of the kiss ...

[2009/02/16 1:45] Olivia Paderborn: I love you my sexy bunny
[2009/02/16 1:46] Olivia Paderborn: now, a mission for you .... for tonight
[2009/02/16 1:46] Eefje Afarensis: oh?
[2009/02/16 1:46] Olivia Paderborn: I know this is dreadful
[2009/02/16 1:46] Olivia Paderborn: but it IS your Tiny Empires name
[2009/02/16 1:46] Olivia Paderborn: do you think you could find a playboy bunny costume ?
[2009/02/16 1:46] Eefje Afarensis: :) I can try
[2009/02/16 1:47] Eefje Afarensis: I do have the ears
[2009/02/16 1:47] Olivia Paderborn: go shopping you little minx
[2009/02/16 1:47] Olivia Paderborn: see what you can find U/us
[2009/02/16 1:47] Eefje Afarensis: the demented ears, that is
[2009/02/16 1:47] Olivia Paderborn: oh :)))
[2009/02/16 1:47] Olivia Paderborn: kisses and hugs
[2009/02/16 1:48] Olivia Paderborn skritches the bunny's ears
[2009/02/16 1:48] Olivia Paderborn: hihihi
[2009/02/16 1:48] Eefje Afarensis: hehehe
[2009/02/16 1:48] Eefje Afarensis: kiss
[2009/02/16 1:48] Olivia Paderborn: haven't stopped darling ..........XXXXXXXXXXXXX
[2009/02/16 1:49] Eefje Afarensis: :) No, indeed
[2009/02/16 1:49] Olivia Paderborn: bye sexy wench ;-)

I will replace this with a true picture of eefje when I next see her ...

Sunday, 15 February 2009

My girls

To date, as in this year and of necessity, my posts have been centred on liz, e/Efje, emma and Annemarie.
But I should not forget my own girls, nor my friends.

This year has been one of turmoil for me, including letting my roberta go so that she can follow her destiny just like lisa before her.

Since then I gain biny who then decided that D/s was not for her -- I wish her well.
Whilst walking with biny as a pair we attracted ana who has steadfastly stayed with me despite our very different and conflicting schedules.

ana is a delight ... she honours me with her service ... and she is a fabulous dresser ... and we take each other places, here we are in the opium den I call the "Belly of the Beast" at the Moulin Rouge:

And we both love dancing ... here we are in the ballroom of the Moulin Rouge:

isn't she adorable ?

And it was here I introduced her to Eefje ...

I think Annemie and I might have to have a discussion about our girl !
I needed to take her in hand ... so to speak ;-)

hmmmmmmmmm, dear eefje, she is a lovely "handful" isn't she :-))

And now I must describe one of those lovely SL stories ... heather and I met in Mysteria many many moons ago, and whenever our paths crossed thereafter we would take time out to have fun.
heather seemed to have an endless collection of romantic places where we would hang out (she claims 2,000 of her 4,000 inventory items are of our times together).
But heather was always someone else's girl ... and I did not realise how important we were to each other until she returned this year after a long absence of studying to say she was free (in more ways than one - hooray!) and could spend more time with me.
heather is re-exploring SL and we have been racing cars and sailing boats together, and on St Valentine's day she presented me with this lovely rose:

and took me to her latest find where we danced and danced listening to lovely songs by Frank Sinatre and others ...

I love my girls, and as time zones permit I am introducing them to e/Eefje and emma, and hopefully soon to Annemarie and liz ... there will always be two families but I hope many shared experiences, good times, lost of fun, and much dancing :-))

Love you all ... xxxXXXXXxxx

PS I think I should next write about my part time submissives linda and torela

PPS And then I must write about my dear friends

St Valentine's Night

Last night I woke in my usual jetlagged state at 2am and at long last found my evie .....

So I summoned her with the Mars ring
To find her kneeling naked at the Purple Rose night club's landing point

So we dressed her in the gown I love and went dancing

And then joy of joys Annemarie saw we were online and so she logged on and joined us in conversation

I used my gift from heather to tickle evie :) and remind her with thorn pricks that I am her secondary and not always sweetness :))

And so after the club owner left I stripped her ...

And gave her the treat of dancing naked breast to naked breast

And then I took her to my dungeon and strapped her in the Circle of O
And took her from behind

And then from the front

While Mistress listened intently and with great pleasure

Afterwards evie and I cuddled on my throne until her eyes were drooping and I sent her to bed at 4am

Sweet dreams were then had by all three of us

Saturday, 14 February 2009

St Valentine's Day

A day for giving to my friends, my girls, and Miss Annemarie and receiving for receiving messages from everyone and a lovely rose from my heather ...

I wait today for my evie today ...

And for my Annemie on Monday ...

Ooops ! Why is my hand just there ? ;-)

St Valentine's Eve

Last night I managed to catch Annemie, liz and eefje on MSN at the same time, and evie initiated a conference between us all, and so we were able to play and have as lovely a time as if we were in SL.

We talked, we laughed, we teased ...

First of all Annemarie and I dined off our lovers, then tied them together so they were even further teased, and then we washed liz clean ... poor evie got so hungry with the fantasy food that she rushed off to cook a late dinner and missed being hand washed by me ... I think I have an IOU for her

All in all we had a wonderful time :)

And it was a lovely start to St Valentines

Sunday, 8 February 2009


This weekend has marked another turning point in my life ...

On Friday with sadness I decided that my hopes for a greater relationship between myself and my great muse were not to be.

After two years of hoping, waiting, hoping, waiting, and hoping in vain I decided to step away from my past and look to a new future ...

Then on Saturday evening to my great surprise and greater enjoyment I received the greatest of gifts from Mistress Annemarie.

She who has already given me so much ... I love her dearly.

Last night was something incredible.
She gave me the great gift of making me the Secondary Owner of her Eefje.

We had a nice time celebrating this event by teasing eefje, although sadly Mistress' internet was playing up.

Afterwards we had a lovely 3some hug ...

Eefje and I then spent time updating our profiles and picks to mark this wonderful occasion.

Today I met with emma and eefje and we toasted one another, our family, and our lovely Annemarie.

What amazingly good fortune ... one door closes and another opens ...