Saturday, 22 January 2011


This post is a bookend to the past week ... it brackets the week with last Sunday and this Saturday/Sunday ... Last weekend was full of adventures for roberta ... we all caught up again on the Sunday, had cuddles and kisses :)

And then traipsed off to her favourite naughtiness -- the free sex forest.
In fact we ended up in a ... well, I think for once I will CENSOR this :)

But here we all are before the grand adventue:

Then a whole week :( went by without any SL ... but then I caught up with roberta and evie for cuddles and treats on Saturday and Sunday ... but I don't have pictures from Sunday :(

But here we are on this weekend, having fun ...

Me waiting

A pair

A trio

Getting down to business ...

And some private naughtiness :)


Lucky girl ;-)

Friday, 14 January 2011

Some 2 weeks later ...

well as I suspected, the return to work resulted in an end to my sudden creativity ...

and today was a confused return to SL, so I am not even sure how to blog it !

I logged in, to find emma was online, so we had an all to brief IM chat
And then she poofed to where I had been quietly gardening for a good night hug

Then roberta logged on, so I summoned her, and stripped her, and let her cuddle up for a little pat or two on her pretty little head

Isn't she just lovely ?
So cute ..... :-)

I then took her dancing at Harem, and then I decided on a special treat
So off we went to the Wild sex Forest
And fortunately both eefje and julie logged in ... and so naturally I called for help !
And so roberta was treated to a delicious experience ... in front of several guys :-)

I guess it is being a bit greedy to post two pictures of that scene :-)

I was most impressed by one of the guys ... he asked permission to *wink* in real life, and so I gave him permission ... and so *um* naturally after that (!) we needed to clean up, and so I took the girls back to the family spa:

Thank you eefje for the back scrub :-D

Sunday, 2 January 2011

Things change

I mentioned yesterday that I had helped ellie (Elizabeth) establish her "house" in Yangpa; this replaces her cottage which was one of Lizzie's early prototypes and which had a door keyed to me and no one else (well probably to Lizzie as well).

So it had always been a point of frustration for ellie and I should have built her a TP door mat, because her solution to the problem was to expand from a small cottage to a Hobbit's Warren (or so it seems to me, but then I am no specialist in the fae-world that ellie inhabits), anyway here is the "house" from where you last (more or less) saw me standing:

And here it is from the other side, and an aerial view too -- the word "BIG" springs to mind when compared to roberta's cottage:

It also looks (above) like we have found Gandlaf's long lost hats :D

Anyway I took the liberty of showing it and its inside to evie:

This new "house" does of course bring about the question of the theme (and to some extent even the mission) of Paderborn at Yangpa. I had always envisaged it as a Medieval village as shown in the print I have of Paderborn. And I am sure the ancients did believe in the fae-world, but I am not sure they were used to seeing it on their front door-step :D

And of course the mission of Paderborn was to try to capture Annemie's spirit of firm kindness and strong guidance, and provide the peace and solitude (and support: love and linden tiers) to enable damaged submissives to regain their strength, to centre themselves, and gain confidence to go out into the wild tumble and chaos that is the SL BDSM scene.

It is now about two years since I met Annemarie, and as I remarked earlier 18 months she died. And I have not achieved my dream of creating a living memorial to all of her goodness and kindness and strength.

So on this last day of my freedom (before I return to work and the long hours that deny me access to SL and my lovely friends), I find myself in a very pensive mood.

Saturday, 1 January 2011

Must have been a hangover

I had a strange first day of twenty-eleven; it seemed empty somehow, and when I caught up with roberta and evie, we went shopping because ro'tje wanted to gift me a dress she had spotted.

But I took no photos there and then (I will go in world to dress and show you later).

And after-wards evie and I treated roberta with one her favourite fantasies - but again I forgot to take photos.

Seems a strange way to start the new year/end my spell of holiday freedom :-(

Anyway, I went online to take a picture of the dress and I found that roberta has been experimenting with building a house ... here I am outside it:

I also discovered that ellie has bought a "house" and so I helped her find a place where we could put it ... not sure what roberta may think of her new neighbour !