Monday, 21 September 2009

family fun ... roberta's rez day

some nice family fun times ... the first 2 pictures are from last week ... I had gone to ellie's favourite dance spot to spend time with her, a place she and I used to enjoy many moons ago when we were 'nilla friends

when I relogged I TPed danielle and evie to join me in their bikini's ...

danielle's bikini was a tour d'force in haute couture ... I have no idea how it managed to stay in one piece (or do I mean two pieces?)

And today (although I may be confused by dates across time zones) it was roberta's rez day
She is two SL years old

So we had a small celebration of cake and champagne before she went to sleep

Here we are letting the cake settle
(if you were unkind, you might say we were sitting down because we were tipsy with the champagne)

ellie was looking particularly pretty in this outfit ...

and evie tried to get herself arrested again ...


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