Saturday, 26 February 2011

the mystery of the mysterious visitor is demystified

I was puzzled by readers being puzzled as to who the visitor may have been

Then I discovered some pix in the wrong directory ... so I retrieved them ... and checked the blog ... and discovered a missing story :)

No wonder people were confused !

So here are the pictures of the evolving adventures of R.O.E. (as in Roberta, Olivia and Eefje) and how we made friends with a lovely person

she has the cutest dimples on her knees ;)

~ floating ~

I had several crashes today ... and during one recovery I snapped that picture ... it seemed to go with this blog entry that I read:

I left SL six months ago.

I left because it had lost meaning for me. I’d lost friends, lost my purpose, lost any sense of fun.

This was, and is, a reflection of my feelings RL now – how could it be otherwise? – the pressures of daily life, of frustration with work, and needing to find new direction in my life.

Dancing the light fantastic

Dear readers :)

By comparison to yesterday, some sweet dancing, although some looks like its from THAT movie :))

We started with eefje and roberta dancing ... but roberta was worried that eefje would get banned ... and so eefje left rather than get dressed !!

So I took over the dancing ....

and we tried several dances :)

or do I mean positions ;-)

Friday, 25 February 2011

A disaster becomes a delight

I was dancing with roberta and chatting with eefje when suddenly my laptop ran out of disk space !
Everything froze ...
eventually I made it back to find eefje there, and shortly after she received my apologetic IM roberta came back too

But it was now late, and eefje fell asleep at the keyboard ... so naturally I took roberta somewhere naughty :)

And afterwards eefje came back and we had a lovely time with someone whose name I barely dear to whisper "... ......." :))

So dear readers ... here are today's pictures

First roberta and I went looking for somewhere to dance ... and I found this empty dance place with a lovely setting, so we sat down and chatted away about when we first met, where it was, who spoke first, and who introduced us to one another

It was one of the lovely moments . . . . . .

Then we TPed to another SIM that was totally crowded, and it took for ages for things to rezz, and of course as they rezzed they filled up my disk and then .... DRAMA TIME ....

So no pictures ... sorry :(

When I came back, as I said we all 3 met, but then eefje fell asleep, and so I took roberta to the Keyhole club.

At the entrance we kissed while I read the rules

I then threw roberta to the ground ...

did I mention she was naked ?

then I stepped back exposing her to the mall traffic around us ...

then I discussed with her which pose I should leave her in . . . .

the water sports pose reminded me of one of my first loves in SL ...

but we decided the pose in the middle of the top row had the most exposure to it ...

So I then took roberta upstairs to one of the public bedrooms, and bent her backwards so she was on display so people passing by the open window could see what delights were inside ...

I then massaged her so she was very tender

... and kissed her so she was very wet ...

And of course we very quickly had company :)

so I explained to the lovely young man that he could not touch my princess ...

... but he could ejaculate over her boobies while I encouraged him ...

... it ... did ... not ... take ... much ... encouraging ... before ... he ... came in a big rush ... and again a second time :D

So by then roberta needed a good scrubbing :)

... and by which time eefje had woekn up again, so she joined us ...

so while eefje was the sleep out of her eyes, arms and legs:

I scrubbed roberta's back clean :)

isn't she pretty :)

and then it was time for her to go to bed ...

... and it was at that time eefje and I had a surprise visitor ...

... but shhhhhhh ...

... it is a secret ...

/me giggles

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

eefje's Rezday

XOX Happy Rezday Darling XOX
May We Have Many Many More

Friday, 18 February 2011

text not textures

Despite good intentions, I have slipped from updating this year's blog.
I have been almost a very good girl taking pictures each weekend of my times with eefje and roberta, but I have been very bad in failing to post them.

But we have had a lovely anniversary, a lovely St Valentines, and lovely times in general.

We are well and happy.


(then edited, added, updated and posted several times over)

But I am everything if not flexible (does that sentence make sense *lol*), so I decided to add the pictures of moments since 22 January to 20 February (did I really not comment for a WHOLE month !!!)

So here we go in the order of events ... sans commentary (but can I learn to zip my lip ??)

8th of February ♥ Our Second D/s Anniversary ♥

... remembering the day that Annemie and eefje honoured me with me becoming evie's secondary ...

12th February

Visiting the Keyhole club and talking to a friendly girl I discovered a Royal Scandal !!
In one of the *cough* display rooms we saw a well know princess dancing and trying to lure unwitting strangers into her boudoir !!
Quite shocking really ...

Before I could intervene this new acquaintance enter the room and started *cough* negotiating with the . . . . . personage in there.

Before long things were going a BIT TOO FAR ...

So in the interest of protecting the reputation of an ancient and honourable Royal Family dynasty I intervened and kidnapped both of these women and took them some where safer and out of public view !!

I really did try to untangle them but their emotions were running hot and high ;-)

And after they had played ... we all played (my voyeurism can only go a certain distance *lol*)

And then we took a well earned rest

I guess you know who the disgraceful royal personage was ?

(So much for me saying I was not going to annotate this blog entry *vbg*)

February 13th ♥ St Valentine's Weekend ♥

So after the previous day, I was quite steamed up when I caught up with eefje :-))

Shortly thereafter roberta arrived, so we decided to be groupies and follow Angee and Arwin on their concert tour (in fact we repeated that over a couple of nights and weekends)

Then after roberta had gone to bed I decided it was time to remind eefje of the bedrock of our relationship :-)

And we had a simply lovely time and long talks (just like old times)

So to cap the morning/evening off I took evie somewhere special ...

And while we were there joanna logged in on a real PC so we had her join us for a group smothering :-))

19th February

Caught up with eefje and roberta ... roberta wanted to show us a bar and dance vending mall :-)
A trip down memory lane for our naughty princess:

She keeps wanting me to start up a club but I simply just don't have time these days :-(
After roberta went to bed evie and I had another lovely talk :-)

She is so beautiful . . . . .

No wonder I painted a portrait of her

After our chat we had a period of sheer silliness that left us both in stitches from laughing :-D

[apologies but my snapshots of the silliness went in world and so I can't post them right now]

And after THAT we had another lovely D/s session :-)

20th February

Missed seeing roberta by 16 minutes :(
But spent the remainder of the evening discussing Forceme's blogs about the Redzone issue in SL
As always it was a lovely time ... and we decided to post you all a picture of two hawt babes :D

Love and Kisses and Hugs and Cuddles for all my readers