Sunday, 20 September 2009

... Deputy Sheriff ...

With Arwin going away for a couple of RL days (we hope no more than this!), she asked me to patrol Ozland in her absence ...

So here I am reporting for duty after my own weekend "off duty" (I may post an RL picture later !)

And now I realise last week's prisoner, (someone I found wandering around the public places of Ozland in the nude - a direct violation of the Ozland residents' covenant), has escaped !!!

How did she wriggle out of these shackles ?

Luckily this infamous criminal turned up before I had to call for bloodhounds.

But then !
To my shock !!
To my horror !!!

This desperate criminal assault a police officer !
Me !!
Deputy Sheriff Olivia von Paderborn !!!

Here she is attacking my breasts :-)
And in semi-public too :-))
That girl has no shame :-)))

I even had to call for the deputy-deputy-sheriff to restrain the wanton brazen hussy ;-)

I will hand her back to emma, her partner, and insist they stay locked up together in their bedroom for the entire month of October !

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