Tuesday, 22 September 2009

... ellie ...

our poor ellie has had a rough summer
her PC failed, took weeks to get repaired, was returned, and failed again
so she was sharing PC time with her sister
and even turning up as a gnome (as in the gnome viewer) a terrible humiliating thing for a fae-elf

but this past week we have had some lovely interludes including time with evie either before she goes to bed, or even more rarely when she wakes up

I took ellie dancing in Ozland after roberta's rez day celebrations ... and realised I was guilt of drinking champagne whilst on duty :)
Still Arwin was kind when she logged on (welcome backkkkkkk Arwin !!!) and did not arrest me for being intoxicated whilst on duty

None the less ellie still crashes on occasions, and this is what I looked like after she left me in the lurch


Here we are giving ellie lots of hugs ...


Now ellie is a free spirit, truly a fae-girl, and so she flutters in and out of our lives ... but always leaves evie and I smiling at her loveliness ...

But today our dear little dove flew too close to danger - she decided to experiment a little and maybe singed her feathers a little; so when she returned from her mis-adventure Eva and I gave her some gentle tender love and care ...

So after calming ellie down and settling her we had a lovely chat downstairs while we tried to get Eva to go to bed !

After which I took ellie shopping and we bought one outfit and debated (*grins*) the merits of several others ...

(girl needs to remember to put her panties on)

I also gave her the treat of seeing me and hugging me dressed the way I used to look when ellie and I first met some 15 months ago

Hmmm ... maybe I should try blonde again ? I had better consult my wardrobe mistress first !

Anyway, I came back afterwards to find ellie had changed but fallen asleep :-)


Still it was nice to see her bow her head to her Princess

And later (as in a or two day later!) we managed to dance at Glint in our new outfits

ellie is quite the ballerina :-)

[ it is because of the rules of the People's Republic of Glint that I had to shed my shoes, stockings, undies and bra !!! ]

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