Saturday, 25 December 2010

strange coincidences

It is strange that after a long while I return to post a blog of my Christmas Day adventure with Eefje and Roberta to find that Lizzie has is also making posts again.

Anyway I don't wish to dwell on synchronicity (although I always was and will be a Jungian) but it is a strange coincidence :)

What I do want to do is post our Christmas Eve silliness :D

I waited at a train station for girls to come online.

And when they did we gave each other our Christmas hugs and kisses, and then we climbed aboard the train and *choof* *choof* we went with eefje driving

We drove past a gypsy caravan ... to which we returned at the end of the adventure

We had turns at different people being drivers (that's me above, with eefje's angel feathers being blown back over her eyes) ... and we tried have two trains ...

... and then we had "The Great Train Race" (the movie will be released in 2012 after substantial post-production special effects):

And finally we stopped off at the gypsy caravan for kisses and cuddles while my girls got themselves ready for beds, sleeps, and dreams ... here is roberta sitting on eefje's knee :)

And in closing this blog, I thought I would include the first know picture of me on the web ... taken almost four years ago on the 3rd of January 2007:

An awful lot has happened since then ... and hopefully things will continue unfold as they did today, in happiness and joy.

And recently two things happened ... that like first flowers of spring bring great hope to my heart :)

Merry Christmas everyone, my love and kisses to you, and my fervent wishes that each and everyone of you has a safe, healthy and happy 2011.

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