Monday, 27 December 2010

Catching up and being enlightening

Today, yesternight for you dear readers, I caught up with evie; frankly I had become worried that I had not seen trace of her on the Santa-Claus-Radar that NASA had gratefully returned to me, but she reminded me gently that she HAD sent an IM:

[17:15] Eefje Afarensis: kissss
[17:15] Eefje Afarensis: its very late for me

And so she had :)

Yesternight was a very important day for us ... it marks the second anniversary of our meetings in which we exchanged notecards ... little knowing where that simple act would lead both of us over the next six months

So we had one of our big long rambling talks while I held her close and tight.

And then just as we were saying good night, joanna logged in, and for once was able to join us:

And was suitably greeted by her Mistress :)

Then we all had a brief round of kisses and hugs :)

And after we had sent evie off to bed, joanna and I had a talk.

First she helped me choose the next day's outfit. I can't wait to see ellie's expression when I catch (up with) her :)

Then we played for a bit, which led to me explaining to her that my pleasures come from being in Dommespace ... and I left her with this reference as homework :)


There is one sentence in that article that rings true for me: " It's a mental adrenaline rush. Many describe it as a very heady feeling that often hits when the submissive blatantly shows their submission. "

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