Sunday, 26 December 2010

A Mistress' revenge and reward

My darling roberta is a lovely submissive :)

I call her my princess, because the collar she chose for herself was Amethyst's "Barbarian Princess" :))
And because I have had to work hard to tame her naughtiness ...
And the harder I try :) the worse she gets :))

A special "treat" for her is when I let her celebrate "subs' day", which I did recently :) I gave her a whole 10 minutes :)) which she stretched out to 30 minutes !

So today I decided to (take your pick) [a] exact my revenge or [b] reward her ;-)

We met at Yangpa
We kissed
And subkissed
And subhugged
And then she knelt before me
And removed her top
So I could play with her nipples with my crop
And removed her skirt
So I apply the crop elsewhere

Then esialb logged in, so I brought her to join us
And had roberta explain what she had done
Which shocked esialb
And roberta agreed it had been a "bad idea"
So I figured those seven letters made a good count :)
And so I proceeded to crop her seven times
Leaving seven bruises
That esialb then carefully tended to roberta's bruises: kissing them better
For which roberta was duly grateful ;-)

I then took the two naked girls shopping
We went to the Bondage Playground
And looked for something sexy to complement my outfit
And I bought them both Christmas presents of identical outfits of black latex lingerie with a lace like effect

And esialb surprised me by gifting me the same outfit
So instead of there being twins we became (sort of) triplets

We then went to Harem
And sat for a while in a lovely pose

And then sadly it was time for each of us to go our several ways
So I asked the girls to have a slow dance together while we logged off together:


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