Saturday, 22 January 2011


This post is a bookend to the past week ... it brackets the week with last Sunday and this Saturday/Sunday ... Last weekend was full of adventures for roberta ... we all caught up again on the Sunday, had cuddles and kisses :)

And then traipsed off to her favourite naughtiness -- the free sex forest.
In fact we ended up in a ... well, I think for once I will CENSOR this :)

But here we all are before the grand adventue:

Then a whole week :( went by without any SL ... but then I caught up with roberta and evie for cuddles and treats on Saturday and Sunday ... but I don't have pictures from Sunday :(

But here we are on this weekend, having fun ...

Me waiting

A pair

A trio

Getting down to business ...

And some private naughtiness :)


Lucky girl ;-)

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