Friday, 18 February 2011

text not textures

Despite good intentions, I have slipped from updating this year's blog.
I have been almost a very good girl taking pictures each weekend of my times with eefje and roberta, but I have been very bad in failing to post them.

But we have had a lovely anniversary, a lovely St Valentines, and lovely times in general.

We are well and happy.


(then edited, added, updated and posted several times over)

But I am everything if not flexible (does that sentence make sense *lol*), so I decided to add the pictures of moments since 22 January to 20 February (did I really not comment for a WHOLE month !!!)

So here we go in the order of events ... sans commentary (but can I learn to zip my lip ??)

8th of February ♥ Our Second D/s Anniversary ♥

... remembering the day that Annemie and eefje honoured me with me becoming evie's secondary ...

12th February

Visiting the Keyhole club and talking to a friendly girl I discovered a Royal Scandal !!
In one of the *cough* display rooms we saw a well know princess dancing and trying to lure unwitting strangers into her boudoir !!
Quite shocking really ...

Before I could intervene this new acquaintance enter the room and started *cough* negotiating with the . . . . . personage in there.

Before long things were going a BIT TOO FAR ...

So in the interest of protecting the reputation of an ancient and honourable Royal Family dynasty I intervened and kidnapped both of these women and took them some where safer and out of public view !!

I really did try to untangle them but their emotions were running hot and high ;-)

And after they had played ... we all played (my voyeurism can only go a certain distance *lol*)

And then we took a well earned rest

I guess you know who the disgraceful royal personage was ?

(So much for me saying I was not going to annotate this blog entry *vbg*)

February 13th ♥ St Valentine's Weekend ♥

So after the previous day, I was quite steamed up when I caught up with eefje :-))

Shortly thereafter roberta arrived, so we decided to be groupies and follow Angee and Arwin on their concert tour (in fact we repeated that over a couple of nights and weekends)

Then after roberta had gone to bed I decided it was time to remind eefje of the bedrock of our relationship :-)

And we had a simply lovely time and long talks (just like old times)

So to cap the morning/evening off I took evie somewhere special ...

And while we were there joanna logged in on a real PC so we had her join us for a group smothering :-))

19th February

Caught up with eefje and roberta ... roberta wanted to show us a bar and dance vending mall :-)
A trip down memory lane for our naughty princess:

She keeps wanting me to start up a club but I simply just don't have time these days :-(
After roberta went to bed evie and I had another lovely talk :-)

She is so beautiful . . . . .

No wonder I painted a portrait of her

After our chat we had a period of sheer silliness that left us both in stitches from laughing :-D

[apologies but my snapshots of the silliness went in world and so I can't post them right now]

And after THAT we had another lovely D/s session :-)

20th February

Missed seeing roberta by 16 minutes :(
But spent the remainder of the evening discussing Forceme's blogs about the Redzone issue in SL
As always it was a lovely time ... and we decided to post you all a picture of two hawt babes :D

Love and Kisses and Hugs and Cuddles for all my readers

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