Friday, 14 January 2011

Some 2 weeks later ...

well as I suspected, the return to work resulted in an end to my sudden creativity ...

and today was a confused return to SL, so I am not even sure how to blog it !

I logged in, to find emma was online, so we had an all to brief IM chat
And then she poofed to where I had been quietly gardening for a good night hug

Then roberta logged on, so I summoned her, and stripped her, and let her cuddle up for a little pat or two on her pretty little head

Isn't she just lovely ?
So cute ..... :-)

I then took her dancing at Harem, and then I decided on a special treat
So off we went to the Wild sex Forest
And fortunately both eefje and julie logged in ... and so naturally I called for help !
And so roberta was treated to a delicious experience ... in front of several guys :-)

I guess it is being a bit greedy to post two pictures of that scene :-)

I was most impressed by one of the guys ... he asked permission to *wink* in real life, and so I gave him permission ... and so *um* naturally after that (!) we needed to clean up, and so I took the girls back to the family spa:

Thank you eefje for the back scrub :-D

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