Saturday, 1 January 2011

Must have been a hangover

I had a strange first day of twenty-eleven; it seemed empty somehow, and when I caught up with roberta and evie, we went shopping because ro'tje wanted to gift me a dress she had spotted.

But I took no photos there and then (I will go in world to dress and show you later).

And after-wards evie and I treated roberta with one her favourite fantasies - but again I forgot to take photos.

Seems a strange way to start the new year/end my spell of holiday freedom :-(

Anyway, I went online to take a picture of the dress and I found that roberta has been experimenting with building a house ... here I am outside it:

I also discovered that ellie has bought a "house" and so I helped her find a place where we could put it ... not sure what roberta may think of her new neighbour !

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