Saturday, 24 September 2011

At last I return

It has been a long and unpleasant break, but today I returned to SL with a vengeance  ;-)

I bought myself a new dress at Elemiah's (yet to be worn, I am saving it for a dance).
Also ordered roberta to acquire 3 (yes, three) fig leaves from Elemiah (they are a freebie), and after we fitted them ;-) I took her to Charlotte Street / Portland Place but it was sadly quite deserted.
So clearly we had not choice but to head for for the Free Sex Forest (well she was wearing leaves and would not be out of place).
However along the way we saw a lovely red leather outfit, and I confess I became distracted, so voila, here is roberta ;-)

We wandered around, and found somewhere to put roberta on display ;-D

We were then approached by a young man, milo, and we had a lovely playtime, with me punishing him for kneeling at roberta's  feet and worshiping her ..... (well I am sure you have the imagination to work THAT one out !) ... from not afar, but anear -- too anear !
While punishing him I was contacted by Arwin, and so I invited her over to enjoy the fun.
After our little play we put roberta to bed, and then we went shopping for freebies .~* Yay *~.
So now I am a cute red-head.
And after saying farewell to Arwin (with plans for MORE shopping tomorrow) I spent a little time with dearest ellie ...

I hope to catch up with all off them tomorrow, and also eefje


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