Saturday, 29 August 2009

Vale Annemarie

Purely by coincidence my US port of departure was San Francisco and my date of departure coincided with SLCC ... the Second Life Community Convention

Given the lucky coincidence I enrolled myself late in SLCC, taking just a one day pass, but I discovered that in the conference catalogue there was going to be an "In Memorium" page ...

So I submitted the words at the end of this post, but because of my late submission only Annemarie's name was actually printed ~ sorry everyone, sorry Annemie

Annemarie Niekerk, rezed 10/5/2007, resident of Ozland, partnered to Tasja Lundquist who introduced her to Second Life, and then partnered with and married to Liz Laville, died on Midnight 25/26 June in New York City having spent her last few hours in SL doing what she loved: listening to live music while dancing. Her partner Liz and family of Amanda Kling, Arwin Lane, Brigitte Magic, Eefje Afarensis, Emma Tyles, Julie Ezvalt, Olivia Paderborn and Tasja Lundquist miss her love, wisdom, humour and joy of life. As do all her friends such as Hanneke Beatty, Llola Lane, San Mauvaise, and the artists she loved to support.

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