Tuesday, 18 August 2009

As I imagined her ...

As some of you know, or may have guessed/worked out, I made two trips to New York.

The first was in June so I could be close to Annemarie should she want me to be with her and Elaine at the end; the second trip in July was the pilgrimage I promised her, when I said I would lay roses for her at Liberty Island.

Based on various conversations about Central Park and the park over looking the Hudson River I decided to stay in the Upper West Side of New York - a place that I imagined Annemarie might have lived.

I arrived at midnight and checked into the hotel I had discovered on the internet - it was undergoing renovations, so much so that the taxi driver was nervous about dropping me off there !

The next day I explored the neighbourhood and I was amazed to find this scene, one block away from my hotel:~

  1. Amsterdam Avenue
  2. Amsterdam Ale House
  3. Amsterdam Inn
And diagonally opposite:~

So I convinced myself that this was Annemarie's New York and I walked its streets imagining I was walking with her and enjoying the city she loved so much. I hope you enjoy these walks as well I did ...

New York, New York
So great they named it twice

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