Tuesday, 18 August 2009

A pilgrimage and homage to Annemarie

Annemarie and I talked several times about her wishes ...

... how she wanted to have her ashes taken to Liberty Island so she could be set free at last ...

... so I promised her that in July I would come to New York to pay homage to her at Liberty Island with roses ...

That morning I bought two roses, a white one representing all of us and a red one representing her.

I went to where you catch the ferry to Liberty Island and after standing in a queue for about three hours I boarded:~

En route to Liberty Island a sailing boat passed by and I thought of our Annemarie and her love of boats and water and how much her home in Ozland meant to her:~

The ferry passed her other favourite island, Ellis Island where immigrants like her came to this wonderful city and country in the hope of freedom, liberty and the pursuit of happiness:~

The ferry's arrival at the Island was greeted by the Statue of Liberty ...

... and I placed our flowers at the welcome sign:~

I then had to find a quite spot for teh act of homage, and fortunately on the statue's left side there was a small wooden jetty over the waters and away from the rocks that surround the island. I waited until no one was there and ventured out where I conducted this ceremony.

I took petals from the white rose, one at a time, and cast them onto the waters naming each of us as a petal ... Liz, Annemiek, Tasja, Eefje, Emma, Arwin, Amanda, Julie, Brigitte, Llola and myself:~

... thinking also of all Annemarie's friends - so many, too many for my petals ...

... but knowing that all she had touched would be there with me in spirit.

I then cast the two roses upon the waters:~

And watched them, with the petals, float away across the waters, accompanied by ferries and sailing boats to the freedom and liberty of the sea ...

I am sailing, I am sailing,
Home again cross the sea.
I am sailing, stormy waters,
To be near you, to be free.

I am flying, I am flying,
Like a bird cross the sky.
I am flying, passing high clouds,
To be with you, to be free.

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