Tuesday, 18 August 2009

My solace ...

Annemarie strongly believed in religion and I believe it gave her great comfort.
And now I find comfort in going to churches and lighting candles from us for her.

I twice visited St Pauls in New York; its place in history is very special - it gave great comfort to those working after September 11. I wrote before of my first visit and listening to the choir, this time, as I returned from Liberty Island, the church was quite - like my mood.

The messages of support from all around the USA and the world are very moving ...

I went from St Pauls to St Patricks by subway; I wanted to go St Patricks because Elaine had told me it was Annemie's favourite.

I exited the subway and I was inside the Rockerfeller Centre and suddenly I released what I was looking at, and realised that maybe I was standing where she had stood many a time.

It was a very somber moment.

Once I had recovered I walked out and across the road to St Patricks ...

... and lit more candles from us for her.

I completed my New York pilgrimage, and went on to Boston where I visited Trinity Church and again prayed for her.

At the end of my trip I was once more in San Francisco, and this time I went to Grace Cathedral to light candles from us - I think Annemie would have liked this cathedral as it looks so like the one she and Liz were married in.

And then on a wall by the entrance I discovered this painting - commemorating the founding of the United Nations in San Francisco - and I knew that this would have made this place very special to Annemarie.

So now churches and cathedrals have become my solace, because in them I feel closer to Annemarie.

I light some candles and I reach out to her ...

O God, Creator of all living things,
we ask that as we light our candles,
the healing warmth of Your love
will flow into our hearts and give
to us Your strength and comfort.

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