Saturday, 14 February 2009

St Valentine's Eve

Last night I managed to catch Annemie, liz and eefje on MSN at the same time, and evie initiated a conference between us all, and so we were able to play and have as lovely a time as if we were in SL.

We talked, we laughed, we teased ...

First of all Annemarie and I dined off our lovers, then tied them together so they were even further teased, and then we washed liz clean ... poor evie got so hungry with the fantasy food that she rushed off to cook a late dinner and missed being hand washed by me ... I think I have an IOU for her

All in all we had a wonderful time :)

And it was a lovely start to St Valentines

1 comment:

Annemie said...

It sure was a great start, although I would like to suggest we replay this in SL sometime. (grins)