Sunday, 8 February 2009


This weekend has marked another turning point in my life ...

On Friday with sadness I decided that my hopes for a greater relationship between myself and my great muse were not to be.

After two years of hoping, waiting, hoping, waiting, and hoping in vain I decided to step away from my past and look to a new future ...

Then on Saturday evening to my great surprise and greater enjoyment I received the greatest of gifts from Mistress Annemarie.

She who has already given me so much ... I love her dearly.

Last night was something incredible.
She gave me the great gift of making me the Secondary Owner of her Eefje.

We had a nice time celebrating this event by teasing eefje, although sadly Mistress' internet was playing up.

Afterwards we had a lovely 3some hug ...

Eefje and I then spent time updating our profiles and picks to mark this wonderful occasion.

Today I met with emma and eefje and we toasted one another, our family, and our lovely Annemarie.

What amazingly good fortune ... one door closes and another opens ...


Anonymous said...

Returning home from my holiday, catching up i read some wonderfull news.
I am very happy, not only for my Eva, but especially for You my Miss O.
I love You!

Annemie said...

I know that this will be wonderful for all involved and without a doubt another happy chapter to a wonderful journey.