Sunday, 15 February 2009

St Valentine's Night

Last night I woke in my usual jetlagged state at 2am and at long last found my evie .....

So I summoned her with the Mars ring
To find her kneeling naked at the Purple Rose night club's landing point

So we dressed her in the gown I love and went dancing

And then joy of joys Annemarie saw we were online and so she logged on and joined us in conversation

I used my gift from heather to tickle evie :) and remind her with thorn pricks that I am her secondary and not always sweetness :))

And so after the club owner left I stripped her ...

And gave her the treat of dancing naked breast to naked breast

And then I took her to my dungeon and strapped her in the Circle of O
And took her from behind

And then from the front

While Mistress listened intently and with great pleasure

Afterwards evie and I cuddled on my throne until her eyes were drooping and I sent her to bed at 4am

Sweet dreams were then had by all three of us

1 comment:

Annemie said...

You both look wonderful in those pictures. It was a wonderful experience for all of us.