Monday, 16 February 2009

My frustration ... My joy ... My Command ... My Tease

Today (in RL) I moved hotels and feel defrauded that at the new hotel "internet available" was "in the lounge" - in the early evening I was able to receive a low grade signal from a nearby hotspot and so I was able to chat to liz ... but after dinner nothing ... and after a nap nothing ... but just now (4am) I was able to AIM with my beloved Annemarie

She fills me with such joy - brief though our conversation was I feel like we spoke for days - so much happiness carried in each keystroke

She told me eefje look wonderful in the bunny suit the origin of which lay in that morning's encounter with eefje ;-)
[ I can't wait to see for myself - more frustration ! ]

In the morning around check out time at the previous hotel I had TPed to Annemarie's to join eefje and add a pick list entry

I found eefje in a delightful state of undress ... and so we kissed for as long as I could stay on ...

And I so gave our [ Mistress you have my eternal gratitude ] lustful girl a command at the end of the kiss ...

[2009/02/16 1:45] Olivia Paderborn: I love you my sexy bunny
[2009/02/16 1:46] Olivia Paderborn: now, a mission for you .... for tonight
[2009/02/16 1:46] Eefje Afarensis: oh?
[2009/02/16 1:46] Olivia Paderborn: I know this is dreadful
[2009/02/16 1:46] Olivia Paderborn: but it IS your Tiny Empires name
[2009/02/16 1:46] Olivia Paderborn: do you think you could find a playboy bunny costume ?
[2009/02/16 1:46] Eefje Afarensis: :) I can try
[2009/02/16 1:47] Eefje Afarensis: I do have the ears
[2009/02/16 1:47] Olivia Paderborn: go shopping you little minx
[2009/02/16 1:47] Olivia Paderborn: see what you can find U/us
[2009/02/16 1:47] Eefje Afarensis: the demented ears, that is
[2009/02/16 1:47] Olivia Paderborn: oh :)))
[2009/02/16 1:47] Olivia Paderborn: kisses and hugs
[2009/02/16 1:48] Olivia Paderborn skritches the bunny's ears
[2009/02/16 1:48] Olivia Paderborn: hihihi
[2009/02/16 1:48] Eefje Afarensis: hehehe
[2009/02/16 1:48] Eefje Afarensis: kiss
[2009/02/16 1:48] Olivia Paderborn: haven't stopped darling ..........XXXXXXXXXXXXX
[2009/02/16 1:49] Eefje Afarensis: :) No, indeed
[2009/02/16 1:49] Olivia Paderborn: bye sexy wench ;-)

I will replace this with a true picture of eefje when I next see her ...


Eefje Afarensis said...

I wish I was that cute ;) (as the girl in green)

Olivia said...

oh you are my love - very very cute