Friday, 30 September 2016

* What a lovely night

I have had a wonderful evening
- unfortunately I just missed chloe
- so I took more fashion shots *
- then emma came on and we had a lovely chat
- then a new friend invited me to dance at a new club
- she then crashed but fortunately evie/Eva then logged on and so we had a lovely dance **
- then roberta joined us for a bit of a dance and then cuddles ***
- then we went to a bdsm sim to show the girls off naked and then buy them some clothes ****
- then we want home and had some photoshoots together *****
- and talked about being naughty
- and then ended the evening with promises of what we will do tomorrow
I love my girls, their partners, and our collection of friends

for **, ***, ****,  *****, ****** see the following posts --- although I may choose to censor one or two of them once I have the negatives spread out on the light table :)

* and here are the first shots from this evening ...


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