Saturday, 28 May 2016

screen_last ...

no, not me exiting SL, but what the Linden's (or at least the viewers) capture into your avatar's directory as a bitmap during your log off.

Sometimes they capture sweet moments - if and only if, you *poof* first.
Sometimes the capture moments of poignancy.
And sometimes they capture modelling poses better than I can !

Nice nips :) comes of the clothing being a layer over the body, rather than separate prims.
Above is the Camo Combo present from roberta (did she have ulterior motives ?),
whilst below is Lof Nordenskiold's PARIS outfit ... I have a number of her outfits (and she is a lovely and very kind person), and so I may pose those tomorrow :))

However firstly I clearly need to put some of my bangles and my ring back on !

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