Saturday, 6 June 2009

Slow progress on my dream

I may have mentioned my dream before in the blog, but I do know many of you have heard me talk of it . . .

. . . my dream grew out of my experiences of being approached by many girls - some with experiences and hurts, . . . and some who have heard about the lifestyle and have come to second life to test themselves . . .

. . . so my dream is to provide a place of peace and tranquility for such girls:
- those that are hurt can draw comfort form their sisters, and decide whether to venture forth again
- those that are new can learn of mistakes and pitfalls and venture forth with some knowledge and skills

I had already been slowly acquiring land around where I first lived when I started to get to know SL and the lifestyle, and so I decided to turn those memories into my dream

And it has been a slow journey ... acquiring more land ... doing terraforming ... buying buildings and trees and flowers and waterfalls

Here I am standingby the waterfall having dug a stream to run across half of the land :~

Here we are sitting outside the community hall looking towards the waterfall :~

The community hall ... I have been trying to provide scenic billboards to mask out the neighbouring SIM but I need bigger boards and better pictures :)

In the background of the picture are two 10x10 boards with a picture of an alpine village mirrored on them.

A wishing wall at what will be the landing point for these lands ... it collects donations to help with the upkeep of the lands :~

I have placed a church in the same spot that Annemarie & liz, and tasja & amanada were married :~

I hope that I will be able to celebrate many more weddings and happy occasions here in the future :-))

I plan to have cottages erected across the land, this one I bought, however liz has built me three others that are a better design and much better textures - not as Hansel and Gretel as this one !!!

As well as the cottages for the girls there will areas for meeting friends and for moments of quiet reflection :~

And then there will be my home, a small one room castle :~

I do not own the whole SIM, I have most of the lands, but I also have neighbours with empty plots and neighbours like this art gallery :~

The stream leads from my waterfall to a small waterfall/spring that runs through the gardens of one neighbour ...

... to become a third waterfall at a bath pooling by a second neigbour's house :~

Almost all of the neighbours have homes that are keeping with the medieval look that I am striving for :~

This is the last of my current neighbours - most of them are friends from my early days and they are supportive of my dream :~

I have been blessed by SL and the people I have met ... and I hope my dream is a way to share those blessings.

Love to you all.


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