Saturday, 13 June 2009

Life is like a box of chocolates

Life is like a box of chocolates, just after you have been rewarded with your favourite you accidently pick an orange creme ...

I have been trying to sell off the land I bought to erect the Crystal Cave adventure I had with liz more than 6 months ago. Using the recommended strategy of starting high, I slowly decreased the price week after week until I started to get nibbles, and then one morning I found I had actually sold the major block.

I contacted the buyer, a very nice looking racoon, and thanked them for becoming my neighbour. We got to talking and through that discussion I carved off another piece of my land and sold that to the racoon.

And when I next logged on I found that the racoon had bought a third block.

What I forgot to take into account was that I had sold more land than I should have - and so the SL system removed (seemingly randomly) prims from my land and returned them to me, lisa and various friends and family.

The saddest bit was seeing portions of the house that lisa had built with such love "destroyed".

So I have had to repair some of the damage, taken out some sections which I could not erbuild, and also try to get to a "safe" level of prims.

A consequence has been that I have had to remove my skybox and my dungeon.

If I can find some "before" pictures I will post some "after pictures.

So that was the orange creme ... and caramel truffle was getting then Lindens and hopefully reducing my tier payments this month :)

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