Friday, 12 June 2009

Bringing my blog up to date - having fun with evie

As I said earlier today, I have let things get out of hand again.
Soooo my apologies as some of these posts and pictures are "old" and therefore out of sequence, but I want them up because I know that members of the Family read them to catch up with what is happening in SL ...

I have been terraforming my SIM - and you will have seen its waterfall and river. Well, any good river needs a willow tree or three - and so I went to my Tiny Empires' upline's SIM to obtain some willows. And while I was there evie joined me - and we had fun riding around the SIM on a toy train - exploring gypsy caravans - and falling out of barges floating in the river :D

At one point the train even goes through an underwater tunnel !
What fun !!!

Sorry there are no pictures of the cuddle in the caravan :)
Seriously there are none and it is a PG SIM after all :))
And similarly none of the lovely barges :)))
A great pity none of these fit the medieval theme of my SIM :(
I just loved the bright colours of the barges and the caravan !!!
Well, maybe the caravan will fit ?

If you want to visit this SIM search for "Tin Teddy"

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