Monday, 5 October 2009

Доверяй, но проверяй

5/6th October 2009
Crede sed proba

6/7th October 2009
I created this entry yesterday morning, giving it a title and a tag, expecting the day to unfold a certain way ... and it did not.

Now I have clarity of thought thanks to my lovely danielle, and confusion because of my wayward ellie.

I am sure there will be much water that flows under the bridge over the next few days.

All I know is that there is much change and possibly turmoil brewing, however if I stay true to my beliefs, my values and my ideals I will survive and hopefully bring happiness and peace to those that I cherish and those that I love.

In the end that is all I can do and hope to achieve.

7/8th October 2009
Trying to connect with Roberta to understand her needs.
Eva and Emma met for 90 minutes - wonderful news.
Danielle's router failed just she and I were about to go and dance - the gods of technology are against us even if the goddess of love is with us.

8/9th October 2009
Still confused by what is going on with ellie ~ no news since yesterday :-(
We were shopping at Elemiah's when emma logged on, gave her a hug (so lovely), and treated her, evie and roberta ... and of course myself ;-)
After they had all gone to bed I allocated roberta the patch of land she had selected in Yangpa. I expect she will start moving her flowers, plants and trees there as well as her furniture once she had decide on what home to get for herself.
I also made some small changes in the church, creating a shrine for Annemarie.
Missing danielle, it feels like more than 36 hours since I last spoke with her .......

17/18th October 2009
almost 10 days since my last update to this post
my blogging frequency is usually a good sign of my stress levels (or do I mean bad sign)
the big decision - even after ellie explained her mood swing meant nothing (and so we are back together again) - has been to sell off Gwangeo and Soju
so some of the time in these almost 10 days was spent working through where roberta would live in Yangpa, and what kind of home she would have

finally tonight/today I managed to catch-up with roberta, evie, and danielle all at the same time
this was the first time that danielle and roberta were on at the same time ... it has only taken so 6 months for such an alignment of the stars to happen ...

but danielle's router continued to frustrate us:

[15:27] Danielle Heninga is Offline
[15:30] Danielle Heninga is Online
[15:34] Danielle Heninga is Offline
[15:36] Danielle Heninga is Online
[15:36] Danielle Heninga is Offline
[15:38] Danielle Heninga is Online
[15:39] Danielle Heninga is Offline
[15:42] Danielle Heninga is Online
[15:43] Danielle Heninga is Offline

I continue to sit here ... waiting ... hoping ... knowing that at the other side of the world she is tired, frustrated and probably crying
I dare not send her IMs in case that has been what caused the crash each time she logged on
So I yearn to pick-up the phone and dial her number ...

... if only I knew it :)

[ I will now draw an end to this particular blog entry ... it is a confused post ... and it is time to move on ... I have a "wear gray" fashion show to report on *smiles* ]

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