Tuesday, 20 October 2009

adventures ...

One lovely thing about ellie is that she is a great explorer
(of course that sometimes she gets into scrapes ... but that's another story)
She used to find me fae-places
... really wonderful ones like where I took the Family once ...
But lately she has taken to exploring various bdsm clubs, and garnering new friends along the way
Yesterday she found a French & Spanish bdsm club that is wonderfully decorated
So today I first TPed evie, telling her that at a minimum she had to wear silks

So in true evie fashion :))))) she turned up looking like this ...

... and surrounded by moths ...
hence forth she shall be called "oupe"

Then roberta logged on - and did a table top dance for us -


And then we went and relaxed in a family huddle/cuddle with ellie ...

♥♡ so sweet ♡♥

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