Friday, 17 July 2009

"Grief is the Price we Pay for Love"

Thursday was spent in sad reflection at three memorials
- the Irish Hunger Memorial, that I will explain in my next post
- the World Trade Centre site and its interim memorial museum
- and St Pauls the small 1766 church across the road from the Twin Towers and that survived their collapse

I lit a candle from all of us for Her at this small and beautiful church

I then had the wonderful uplifting experience of listening to a group of schoolkids sing beautiful hymns

The title of this post is from a sign I saw at the WTC memorial,
and is so very true

We should remember Her and yet know She is at peace after a long period of suffering and pain

She would want us all to enjoy simple things such as trees in a churchyard and the pure sound of a young choir

She always asked us to celebrate Her life ... all life

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