Friday, 17 July 2009

Annemarie's Sadness & Solace

When Annemarie and I were talking about New York She described the day She had received the news from the doctors ... where She went to contemplate ...

... and although all this took place in winter, I hope this conversation and these pictures will help you be closer to Her

[2009/06/17 17:30] Annemarie Niekerk: there is also a spot I love
[2009/06/17 17:30] Annemarie Niekerk: close to ground zero
[2009/06/17 17:30] Olivia Paderborn nods
[2009/06/17 17:30] Annemarie Niekerk: it is a memorial for the irish
[2009/06/17 17:31] Olivia Paderborn: I dont think I know it
[2009/06/17 17:31] Annemarie Niekerk: it is called the Irish hunger memorial garden
[2009/06/17 17:32] Olivia Paderborn shivers
[2009/06/17 17:32] Annemarie Niekerk: it is in lower manhattan
[2009/06/17 17:32] Annemarie Niekerk: on the west side
[2009/06/17 17:32] Olivia Paderborn: ok :)
[2009/06/17 17:32] Annemarie Niekerk: overlooking the river
[2009/06/17 17:34] Annemarie Niekerk: when i heard the news
[2009/06/17 17:34] Annemarie Niekerk: i went to that memorial
[2009/06/17 17:35] Annemarie Niekerk: it overlooks liberty island and ellis island
[2009/06/17 17:35] Olivia Paderborn: holds you close
[2009/06/17 17:35] Annemarie Niekerk: have sat there for hours
[2009/06/17 17:35] Annemarie Niekerk: walked across manhattan
[2009/06/17 17:35] Annemarie Niekerk: and sat for more hours watching the brooklyn bridge
[2009/06/17 17:36] Annemarie Niekerk: thought about jumping
[2009/06/17 17:36] Olivia Paderborn: yes
[2009/06/17 17:36] Annemarie Niekerk: then this old policeman walked up to me
[2009/06/17 17:37] Annemarie Niekerk: placed his hand on my shoulder
[2009/06/17 17:37] Annemarie Niekerk: must have been close to 60
[2009/06/17 17:38] Annemarie Niekerk: then said
[2009/06/17 17:38] Annemarie Niekerk: it is not worth it Miss
[2009/06/17 17:38] Annemarie Niekerk: it is no solution
[2009/06/17 17:38] Olivia Paderborn: hugs you with tears
[2009/06/17 17:38] Annemarie Niekerk: i just looked at him
[2009/06/17 17:38] Annemarie Niekerk: and nodded
[2009/06/17 17:38] Annemarie Niekerk: and then i went home
[2009/06/17 17:39] Olivia Paderborn: and carried your pain and still looked after all of us
[2009/06/17 17:39] Annemarie Niekerk: yes
[2009/06/17 17:39] Annemarie Niekerk: is who i am
[2009/06/17 17:40] Olivia Paderborn: and gave all of us happiness
[2009/06/17 17:40] Olivia Paderborn: as we have tried to give you
[2009/06/17 17:41] Olivia Paderborn: thank you for being with us
[2009/06/17 17:41] Olivia Paderborn: you have made a difference to me as well as lizje
[2009/06/17 17:43] Olivia Paderborn: and through me I promise you will continue to make a difference
[2009/06/17 17:43] Annemarie Niekerk: you all have enriched my life
[2009/06/17 17:44] Olivia Paderborn: hugs
[2009/06/17 17:45] Annemarie Niekerk: sorry for being so silent
[2009/06/17 17:45] Olivia Paderborn: we are both relective tonight
[2009/06/17 17:45] Annemarie Niekerk: just enjoying being with you
[2009/06/17 17:45] Olivia Paderborn: smiles
[2009/06/17 17:45] Olivia Paderborn: thank you

Looking towards Liberty Island and Ellis Island
From the garden and paths around the Irish Hunger Memorial Garden
Entering the memorial. which is held up in the sky by these engraved pillars

You enter a small stone cottage, transplanted from Ireland

Set in a sea of Irish grasses and flowers

Looking out over the Hudson River and up to the Heavens

Rest In Peace

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