Friday, 22 April 2011

a l00000ng weekend

Here in Oz (as opposed to Ozland) we have a 5 day weekend around this particular Easter ...
well I should not say "we" because I suspect I will continue to be interrupted and dragged off screaming to the other life *sigh*
anyway, this l00000ng weekend has started well (sort of) except poor roberta and I seem to have our sleep cycles in different universes :-(

still here are some happy (so far) snaps from Saturday (my happy-snappy-finger had arthritis on Friday ... sorry ro'tjie) ...

we catch up with Emma and Charlotte and give an icing-sugar-covered Sindi a hug:

! now my top has white paw-prints all over it !

so I buy a new top and say good-night to evie:

! for once she was at the right lip-height for smoochies !

Well here is my update for the last 24 ('tever) hours ...

I returned to catch up with Eva and sindi ... and as promised Sin was a fallen angel :-) ... and she gave us both lovely angel wing huggies

But poor evie was very very tired, so we sent her to bed dreaming of sindi, and then I sat with sindi and we talked so I could better understand her, and then I sent her to bed to dream of Eva :-)

I caught up with Roberta -- Yayyy !!! -- at the new store and the sweety bought me a lovely dress, so I promptly took her dancing at Venustus ... naturally I was clothed in the new outfit ... and naturally she had to be au natural :-)

Sadly I forgot to take a picture but planned to on the next day, so I returned to the store and went to sleep ...

I woke up to being severely RUTHED ...
Sometimes I think the Phoenix viewer is a CURSE ...
It took Eva and sindi ages to help sort me out ...

Thank You darling XOXOX

(note to self ... SAVE yourself often and frequently!)

Anyway, after I was cured we all went back to Venustus and I got some of the pictures I wanted :-))

roberta in a full frontal display:

and Eva in Sin:


Well another update to this veeeeery long weekend :-)

I had another long chat with sindi ...

And then later on while sindi was asleep I was able to spend some time with evie and give her some TLC :-))

Well here we all are on my last morning of the very long weekend!
I had TPed evie and started hugging here when lo and behold she TPed sindi who landed on top of us :-)
So my last minutes were spent as the base cornerstone of a human pyramid !

That seems apt :-)
That's all folks, now moving along, nothing more to see, move along please, keep moving :-))

Hugs & Kisses from Tante O

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