Sunday, 18 January 2009

Mrs Robinson ... Crusoe

A month (almost) has passed since my last post ... what a month ... truly a tsunami hit me as detailed in liz's posts ... and some of my comments to her posts.

Much has changed in my life, and I am now in a different place; and in many ways a much richer place.

I find myself on a remote island's sandy beach with the surf retreating and the sun warming my back ... I look around and unlike the legendary Robinson Crusoe I do not have to live a lonely life ... I can start reaching out ... which I have.

I am building a particular (*wink*) relationship with someone (I think you know who you are), and my great muse continues to bemuse me but we also appear to be moving to a much happier place and space, Genny has given much support, and I also gathered some new wards (biny and ana) that I am getting to know and for whom I have high hopes.

I am never sure if anyone reads this particular blog, but I will try to chart myself a bit better than I did this past month.  

Much love to all my friends even if they do not get to read this :-)


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