Sunday, 1 January 2012

Public Disgrace

Roberta, who deserves a medal for her explorations of Second Life's darker side, found a new SIM for us to visit, called "Public Disgrace".  So we (julie, roberta, Amanda, and myself) went to a visit ... and it reminded me a bit of Hardcore Alley.  Which used to be next to Yangpa when XXX was permitted to be on the Mainland !
Some of you may recognise the pictures that adorn this new SIM as being Real Life people from the San Francisco Scene ...

Anyway, we urged roberta and julie to enter into the spirit of the SIM by climbing aboard a taxi and engaging in some pashing ...

You can see that they really entered into the spirit of the Real Life San Franciscans !!

And attracted quite an audiance ... and applause at the end ;-)

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