Sunday, 1 January 2012

Fashion Parade ... from the Castle of Paderborn

And so, at long last, after a marathon of posts to catch up to almost real time, we come to great and wonderful, one and only, fashion parade by moi, yours truly ... please don't ask me to name all these ! but if you like any, please head straight to Divalicious' main store, and grab some Christmas/New Year's sales :-)

So first, a very strong outfit, that went very well with my domme accessories such as the Dragon whip and flogger ;-)

Then a rather skimpy outfit that I think the moths will see more of over the next few months than we will :-)

Now an outfit for clubbing, that comes in three combinations - the first is my favourite:

Then a number I *really* liked, and so I then went on to wear it in several outings :-)

Oh I say Amanda ...

... a bit of ooh lah lah !!!

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