Sunday, 1 January 2012

Amanda and Danielle

In the work days between Christmas/Boxing and New Year's days I was on leave, as was Amanda, and we were able to catch up with danielle and spend so time with her.

We keep telling her that what is important is WHO she is and not WHAT had happened to her.

We all love and cherish her ... and we all have made our own mistakes, our own wrong paths, in our lives.

What matters, what defines the person, is not the mistake, but how they rise above it.

We all want to help danielle ... want her to be part of the family ... to have fun ... and enjoy life.

So Amanda and I give her all the love we can ... cherish her and value her ... and hope that this love will heal her hurts and restore her confidence in herself ...

My heart breaks when I remember the loving positive person I met in 2009, and all her plans and ambitions for her life.

Let us help you danielle ... let us heal you ... allow us to be your goal and your focus.


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