Sunday, 1 January 2012

All is revealed (part 1)

So now you know what the finale of "8 Women" was an allusion to :-)
But what was the bound Santa's elf an allusion to ?
Well it was my decision to give the girls a Christmas treat of me being their sub for 24 hours minutes (I am not quite that silly!)

I am a little puzzled that there are only three pictures to show - maybe I was distracted :-)

I was stripped naked, and threatened by them all, most notably Sindi who had a lovely costume that I wish I could show you !

Then Roberta took me to a place on my lands where she had secretly erected this torture device :-

And afterwards I was put on display for all the villagers

I am sure they all had fun - but the (part 2) line dance was even more fun (for me)

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