Saturday, 6 August 2011

Sleepy Heads ~ One and all

So I caught up with eefje and sindi yesterday ... poor ro'tje had sent me a message but then laid her head on the keyboard and passed out ... so she missed me even though I was on for about an hour

And poor eefje had barely (no pun intended) been on all week because she too is now tired by FL/RL workloads and pressures :-(

So I had a nice time on Saturday with eefje and sindi; but did not get to take pictures

But for Sunday with ro'tje I was a regular shutterbug

We went to a new shop (after a brief detour to Elemiah's) because ro'tje wanted me to see a "mistressy" outfit that might match the slutty (I mean sexy) outfit she had on ... well I fell for it ... of course

I may even go back and buy some sister outfits :-)

So having kitted me out with the outfit and some booties to go with it ... we headed off to Bondage to punish ro'tje (for falling asleep at the keyboard) by whipping the latex off of her ... after which we sat by the fire as I kissed the cuts better ... and then I rewarded her with a spell on the balcony on the Keyhole Motel where some people were playing a spin the bottle where she easily fitted in


Enjoy .........

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